GEMFormulas' gem sprays are imprinted with the healing energies of therapeutic gemstones that are arranged in a complex design (called a gemandala) for a specific healing purpose.

Our therapeutic-quality gemstone necklaces incorporate the latest innovations in gemstone therapy. Each is strung with its symbiotic gemstones on non-biologic thread, with a wood or gold clasp, and incorporating supportive numerology in the gem spacing and knotting.

Learn about gemstone energy medicine through workshops, and free online content and teleseminars. Resources for the layperson and practitioner. Intensive Gemstone Therapy Certification Program gives you the knowledge and confidence to apply advanced protocols with proficiency.

Single gem therapy includes applications ideal for the beginning student interested in self-therapy, as well as for the advanced gemstone therapy practitioner. It is the most affordable way to take a step into the fascinating world of healing gems.


What's New?

  • Announcing our newest necklace: Sunray, with Spessartite, Rhodolite, and Rosellite.

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