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Gemstone Healing

Why Spheres?

The Most Effective Crystal Shape for Healing is the Sphere

A gemstone sphere’s energy radiates in all directions.

A crystal’s energy flows in only one direction: it moves in through one end and out through the other. The movement is definite and unrelenting. The body is unable to moderate the flow.

In contrast, the energy of a gemstone sphere radiates in all directions. When worn strung into a necklace, the gemstone energy penetrates the body and reaches throughout the aura for maximum benefit.

The body recognizes gemstone sphere energies and can work with them.

The body recognizes the energies of gemstone spheres as helpful and safe, and can direct them where they are needed most. Gemstone energies can be sent to the atomic, molecular, cellular, organ, and system levels, as well as the body, emotions, memory, mind, and intuition.

The wearer’s body can also regulate how much of a gemstone’s energies to receive. This is why gemstone spheres are especially welcomed by those who are frail or extra sensitive. The gemstones help them gather energetic nourishment and resources so they feel stronger and can become more resilient to outside energies.

Healing gemstone spheres represent the true essence of a crystal.

In herbal medicine, the healing compounds of a plant are extracted and the fibrous, nonessential portion is left behind. Likewise, when a crystal is cut into a therapeutic sphere, the purest portion of that crystal is isolated. The inclusions of other minerals are left behind and, as much as possible, cracks and breaks in the crystal structure are also omitted. Therapeutic gemstone spheres offer the best the mineral kingdom has to offer.

The sphere form lends a great deal of flexibility, precision, and sophistication to the Gemstone Therapy modality.

Spheres are the basis of Gemstone Therapy and can be used in many different ways. One way of course, is to string them into necklaces. Therapeutic gemstone necklaces affect a person’s energy field in real and significant ways that are uplifting, positive, and beneficial.

Necklaces are versatile. Gemstone Therapy students learn many different ways to work with them. Besides wearing them, they can be used as poultices, applied in the aura, made into mandalas, and more.

Gemstone sphere necklaces provide ongoing support.

When you wear a therapeutic gemstone necklace, you are enjoying the benefits of Gemstone Therapy in its simplest form. The gems give you energetic support for as long as you wear them. It’s like carrying an energy worker with you all day long!

The effects of the gemstones are cumulative. You may find that after a necklace takes you to the next step on your healing journey, you don’t need it any longer. Maybe you wear a different one for support in another area of your life. Then, at some point, the first necklace calls to you once again. You are now ready to reach into a new level of self-healing.

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