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Gemstone Therapy Institute

If you are serious about learning Gemstone Therapy, if you want in-depth training to start a professional Gemstone Therapy practice or to expand an existing healing-arts practice, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide world-class instruction in the therapeutic application of diamonds and gemstones to uplift, transform, and heal. Isabelle Morton, founder of the Gemstone Therapy Institute, pioneered Gemstone Therapy in the 1980s, and now shares her extensive knowledge of gemstones’ energetic qualities and uses through our educational courses and materials.

Our mission is to uphold the integrity of Diamond and Gemstone Therapy through the highest standards of education, research, and professionalism. Our vision is to see gemstones become as popular as herbs for complementary health care options.

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The Gemstone Therapy Institute is at the forefront of research on the properties of healing diamonds and gemstones, and ways to apply them. Our website and library are a growing reservoir of information about healing gemstone spheres, Therapy Diamonds, and their applications.

The gemstones we use are shaped into spheres or rondels (flattish spheres) and drilled. This way, they can broadcast their energies throughout the body and aura to reach all levels of a person. Therapy Diamonds meet specific physical and energetic criteria. Our methods are worlds away from crystals and crystal healing. We have developed sophisticated protocols that evaluate, determine, and satisfy a client’s energetic needs in precise ways.

We offer classes for the casual student, for health care practitioners who want to incorporate Diamond and Gemstone Therapy into their work, and for those who want to serve as Diamond and Gemstone Therapy practitioners. Our educational resources include books and DVDs, online e-courses, home study programs, and free videos and teleseminars.

We train our practitioners through a comprehensive program that involves workshops, home study, self-study, self-therapy, hundreds of practice sessions, mentorship, and a final oral exam. Therapy Diamonds and healing gemstone spheres are powerful tools, and it is essential that those who use them are well trained, proficient, and respectful of their clients in all possible ways. Our advanced Certification Programs give you the knowledge and confidence to apply therapeutic protocols with proficiency as a Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner and as a Certified Diamond Therapy Practitioner.

We offer the full complement of Practitioner Certification classes in the U.S. and internationally.  Students can take Classes for Level 1 Gem Certification, Level 1 Diamond Certification, Level 2 Gem Certification (full practitioner), and beyond.  We invite you to join the growing community of Diamond and Gemstone Therapy practitioners and students. You can start by exploring our website and immersing yourself in the information on gemstones and their combinations. We look forward to seeing you at a workshop sometime soon.


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