The Dumortierite/Carnelian symbiotic gemstone pair has an affinity with the circulatory system. The energies of these gems can be used to support, vitalize, and normalize circulatory function.

Dumortierite energy collects in vessel walls to help them fulfull their function of being healthy conduits for blood flow. Meanwhile, Carnelian supports Dumortierite by vitalizing the blood and encouraging a healthy movement of blood through the vessels. Vitalized blood is capable of carrying more life energy, which not only positively affects the vessels, but also improves the blood's ability to deliver life-giving energies to the cells.

Although these gemstone energies work primarily for the circulatory system, they can also target nerve sheaths and the lining of the digestive tract if either of these tissues require healing priority.

When you wear this necklace, it will support healthy upward moving flows in your body. These flows can relieve congestion in your legs and feet.  

The rounded pebble shape was chosen for this necklace because it met the criteria for therapeutic quality. In addition, we happened to find exquisite quality dumortierite in this shape. This necklace will be available while the pebble-shaped Dumortierite is still obtainable.

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