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How GEMFormulas Aura Sprays Are Made

Making GEMFormulas’ aura sprays requires:

  1. A gemandala™
  2. A GEFI device
  3. A receiving medium such as organic grape alcohol

The precise arrangement of therapeutic-quality gemstones that creates the energy field that is imprinted into GEMFormulas’ sprays.

Gemandalas are geometric, colorful, and very beautiful. Graphic portrayals of them are pictured on the GEMFormulas labels. You can also find them here.

Gemandalas are constructed for a specific purpose. To fulfill that purpose, healing gemstones are arranged according to their unique properties, plus sacred geometry, numerology, and cardinal points.

The energy field created by a gemandala can be designed to target:

  • Specific areas of the body such as the spine, limbs, and visceral organs.
  • Energetic anatomy such as chakras and various layers of the aura.
  • The emotions, memory, or mind.
  • The energetic counterparts of any physical anatomy.

A gemandala creates a unique and specialized energy field that can be designed to support an unlimited variety of health-improvement needs.

GEFI Technology™
The technology behind GEMFormulas.

Gemstone Energy Field Imprinting (GEFI) devices were invented by Isabelle Morton in the spring of 2009. A GEFI Device is the instrument that transfers the energy field of a gemandala into a medium such as organic grape alcohol.

The device consists of a special type of plate upon which the gemandala is constructed and the gemstone energy field is concentrated. The second crucial component is the imprint receiver, which receives the gemstones’ energy field and imprints it into the medium.

GEFI technology employs law of nature, centripetal and centrifugal forces, the properties of elements, geomagnetic energy, gravity, and other natural Earth forces.
GEFI devices do not use electricity, which creates an electromagnetic field that would contaminate the gemstone energy field. Nor does the imprinting involve sunlight, whose changing emissions and unpredictable sunspot activity could contribute in undesirable ways. GEFI technology is self sustaining; it does not drain the gemstones of their energies.

Prior to the invention of GEFI Technology, gemstone energy medicine was available only to those who were able to obtain therapeutic-quality gemstones. Now, with GEMFormulas’ sprays, gemstone energy medicine has an opportunity to become as widespread as other energy medicine modalities such as homeopathy and acupuncture.