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Innovations in Gemstone Necklace Therapy

6 Ways that Gemstone Necklace Therapy
Has Evolved Since the 1980s.

In 1988 I learned about the healing benefits of gemstone sphere necklaces, and with my partner, built a business to teach about them and distribute them. In 2009, my understanding of how to maximize the therapeutic effective of gemstone necklaces leapt forward. These advancements were significant and prompted my desire to make GEMFormulas therapeutic necklaces available, which I did in 2010. GEMFormulas necklaces reflect these six advancements.

The Six advancements are:

  • Use Symbiotic Gemstones in All Necklaces.
  • All Necklaces Should have Clasps.
  • Clasp Shape Should Move Energy.
  • Necklace Sizes Can Vary.
  • Therapeutic Necklace Designs May Be Asymmetrical.
  • Use of Non-biologic Thread.

1. Use Symbiotic Gemstones in All Necklaces
A huge step was taken in gemstone necklace therapy when we realized that a gemstone rarely works its best when strung by itself. Every gemstone has at least one synergistic partner that will enhance, support, or catalyze its beneficial effects. You’ll get the most from your therapeutic gemstones when they are strung with their symbiotic partners.

  • Symbiotic gems enhance by contributing their own beneficial effects, creating a better overall healthful value to the wearer.
  • Symbiotic gems support the primary gem by strengthening its effects, making these effects more definite and focused.
  • Symbiotic gems can act as a catalyst by paving the way for the primary gemstone’s work and making it easier for its beneficial effects to be realized, felt, or perceived.

To get the maximum benefit from gemstone necklace therapy, a gemstone should always be strung with its symbiotic partner to enhance, support, or catalyze its effects. 

GEMFormulas’ necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all include symbiotic gemstones.

2. All Necklaces Should have Clasps
When I first learned about therapeutic gemstone necklaces in the 1980s we strung the semi-precious stones in an unbroken circle because clasps were cost prohibitive. A precious metal clasp could very easily cost more than the gems themselves and drive up the price.

However, these necklaces kept breaking or people would stop wearing them. The reason was partly due to the nature of the gemstones and partly due to insufficient care. When a therapeutic-quality gemstone necklace is worn, the gemstones help the body release unwanted energy. This energy collects in, on, or around the gemstones. If they are not adequately cleansed, this energy can build up until the necklace breaks and the unwanted energy is released. Or, the energy build-up leaves the necklace unappealing to wear.

Adding a clasp to every necklace solved part of the problem. When you are finished wearing a necklace and open its clasp, a certain amount of unwanted energies collected during wear are released. While this is not enough to completely clear the necklace, it is enough to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Another benefit of clasps is that you can store the necklace wrapped in a spiral shape. Doing so allows the gemstones to self-rejuvenate.

The GEMFormulas’ clearing sprays are a superior cleansing method. Learn more about cleansing your therapeutic gemstone necklaces.

GEMFormulas uses a wood button clasp on all necklaces (except when a 14K yellow or white gold, or sterling silver clasp is desired). Although using a clasp takes more work to string than a necklace without a clasp, wood clasps do not add significantly to the cost. Plus, wood clasps bring the vitality of tree energy to the necklace.

I am delighted to be able to incorporate tree energy into gemstone necklaces because it comes up a great deal in the Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy sessions that I do. Tree energy can make Earth nourishment more easily and readily available to the body. In a necklace, it helps make the gemstone energies more easily and readily received.

Any GEMFormulas’ necklace, regardless of the type of clasp, can be mounted on a therapy rod and applied in the aura as taught in the Gemstone Therapy 101 workshop.

All GEMFormulas’ necklaces have clasps.

3.  Clasp Shape Should Move Energy
The third innovation also involves clasps. The shape of a clasp will affect the flow of energy moving around the gemstone spheres.  Ideally the clasp’s shape should not interfere with the circuit.

Square- and rectangular-shaped box clasps stop the energy movement because the square shape has a grounding influence. Round clasps (such as round buttons) and oval-shaped clasps (such as some lobster clasps) keep the energy moving nicely.  Infinity clasps are superior. They are shaped like a figure 8, or an infinity symbol. Energy moves the best with an infinity clasp.

GEMFormulas’ clasps allow energy to flow from one side of the necklace to the other. This is very important to keep the circuit of energy moving around the necklace.

When a necklace calls for 14K yellow gold, we’ll use 14K yellow infinity clasps. Until infinity clasps are available in white gold, we’ll use 14K white oval lobster clasps.

GEMFormulas’ necklaces have clasps that support energy flow.

4. Necklace Sizes Can Vary
The fourth breakthrough in this field involves necklace sizes. We have learned that, although the pattern of gems and the numerology shouldn’t change, the size of the gems can. The design of a necklace will offer the same benefits whether it is made of 6-mm or 8-mm gemstones (or any other size). Of course, the strength of a larger necklace will be greater, but not everyone needs that. Those who do require larger gemstones should have the option to enjoy larger necklaces. Those who feel more comfortable with a lighter-weight, lower-cost necklace should have that option as well, if such gemstones are available.

GEMFormulas’ designs will be offered in whichever size gemstones are available. We feel this is harmonious with the size of the source crystals the Earth is providing at any given time. Prices will reflect the carat weight of the gems used in each necklace.

GEMFormula designs vary in size.

5. Therapeutic Necklace Designs May Be Asymmetrical
A fifth advancement involves symmetry. Therapeutic-quality necklace designs do not always have to be symmetrical—although asymmetrical necklaces must be that way for a definite reason. Asymmetry usually occurs when only one bead (or one set of beads) of a symbiotic gemstone is required in a necklace.

A perfect example is the GEMFormulas’ Ruby-Onyx necklace. Only one Ruby is needed to catalyze the effects of Onyx. We place the Ruby on a diagonal to the side, to encourage the movement of the wearer’s “personal vortex.” Your personal vortex is essential for maintaining the electrical current that vitalizes your cells, organs, chakras, and body as a whole.

Your personal vortex is the movement of your aura around your body. Your aura enwraps your body like a living cocoon of moving energy and defines your personal boundaries. A healthy aura is not static, but its energies move either clockwise around you or counter-clockwise. If they move clockwise, they’re moving from left to right across your body. If they move counter-clockwise, they’re moving from right to left.

Because the Ruby-Onyx necklace is asymmetrical, you can wear it with the Ruby either to your left or your right. To support a clockwise whole-body vortex, wear the Ruby-Onyx necklace so that the Ruby lies on the right. To support a counter-clockwise vortex, wear the necklace so that the Ruby lies on your left.

GEMFormulas necklaces will be asymmetrical when necessary.

6. GEMFormulas Necklaces are Strung with Non-biologic Thread
In the 1980s I truly believed that silk was the thread of choice because it is a natural fiber. The downside is that silk stretches and breaks easily. Still, we were guided to use silk.

Now I understand why. When a necklace made without a clasp collects too much unwanted energy, it should be able to pop in order to release that energy. Its a protective mechanism that prevents this unwanted energy from negatively affecting the wearer. Silk thread allows a necklace to pop open to release that energy. When nylon is used instead of silk on these necklaces, the necklace is less likely to break. However, its excess unwanted energies are unable to escape, and as they accumulate they can negatively affect the wearer. Necklaces without clasps should never be strung with nylon.

Nylon stretches only minimally and is much stronger than silk. It carries none of the unfortunate baggage that comes with the production of silk, which requires killing the silkworms to harvest the silk from their cocoons. Nylon is also comprised of a simple molecular chain. Silk consists of complex protein molecules that some very sensitive people can find irritating. This alone can explain why some people felt a resistance to the silk-threaded necklaces, even though they felt an inherent attraction to the gemstones themselves. Nylon threaded necklaces do not have this trouble.

GEMFormulas’ necklaces are strung with nylon.

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