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Aura Protection Aura Spray Gemandala™



The gemandala used to make GEMFormulas’ Aura Protection Aura Spray consists of:

Fourth Circle:
60 Moonstone

Third Circle:
25 Bloodstone

Second Circle (starting from the top):
Amethyst, Spessartite, Blue Topaz, Red Spinel, Yellow Sapphire, White Beryl, Green and Pink Tourmaline, and another Amethyst.

First Circle (which is technically a square):
Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine

7-Color-Ray Therapy Diamond

A Study of the Gemstones used to make Aura Protection Aura Spray

Four circles of gemstones characterize the gemandala used to make this GEMFormula. The number four directs the benefits of this gemandala’s energy field to the physical body.

Fourth Circle:  Moonstone
A circle of 60 Moonstones forms the outer perimeter of this gemandala. Moonstone strengthens the aura and in this case fortifies its defensive, shielding function. The number 60 is associated with longevity. When combined with Moonstone, which supports youthfulness, this number of gems vitalizes the life force within your body and its ability to overcome infection of any kind.

Moonstone works with the DNA to replicate cells correctly. Combined with its focus on youthfulness and the influence of the number 60, this replication can take place from a younger pattern of genetic material.

This circle of Moonstone also offers protective support for fragile or vulnerable emotions. It can strengthen your boundaries against negative energies or the experience of being encroached upon, allowing you to stand up for yourself with more confidence.

Third Circle: Bloodstone
Bloodstone supports the immune system by normalizing the body’s ecology. A normalized body ecology has a proper pH, balanced blood chemistry, a good symbiotic relationship with friendly bacteria, and a healthy balance of electrolytes.

Second Circle: System Support
This circle consists of gemstones that vitalize the systems associated with immune function. These particular systems also tend to harbor infection. By taking the Immune Health GEMFormula, the gemstone energies in this third circle will support the vitality of their corresponding systems, making them less prone to infection.

Amethyst supports the nervous system, Spessartite the endocrine system, Blue Topaz the sensory organs (including the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat), Red Spinel the respiratory system, Yellow Sapphire the digestive system, White Beryl the lymphatic system, and Green and Pink Tourmaline the reproductive system. The Tourmalines support the urinary system by proximity.

First Circle: Cellular Detoxification
This circle is actually a square formation comprised of Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine. These two gemstones are unparalleled for assisting cells to clear themselves of toxins, which can include viral DNA, and the toxic wastes of bacteria as well as that of dying yeast. This detoxification process provides essential support for the immune system.

The number four plays a significant role here. In this fourth circle, four Emerald and four Dark Green Aventurine form a square. The number four focuses the gemandala’s energies on physical body healing.

Central Gem: 7-color-ray Diamond
A therapeutic, 7-color-ray Diamond is placed in the center of this gemandala. Its purpose is to evoke and clear your inherent blueprints for optimal function. When placed in this gemandala these effects support the intention of the other gemstones in the gemandala. Diamond encourages the immune system and other targeted systems to recognize their blueprints of optimal health and follow them more closely during cellular division.

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