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Body Wisdom Aura Spray Gemandala™



The gemandala used to make GEMFormulas’ Body Wisdom Aura Spray consists of:

7-Color-Ray Diamond

A Study of the Body Wisdom Gemandala

In this gemandala, concentric circles of Aquamarine surround a single seven-color-ray Diamond. Diamond supports and enhances all of Aquamarine’s benefits. Diamond also has the unique ability to introduce and support an energetic state called “liquidity.”  Liquidity promotes greater communication, cohesiveness, concordance, and coherence throughout the target area.

Expands Awareness
Aquamarine broadens the scope of your inner awareness and your body’s awareness of itself.  If your awareness is like a flashlight in a dark room, then Aquamarine energy brightens and broadens the scope of the light so that you can see more of what’s there. In this way, Aquamarine expands your awareness to a greater truth about what is going on within you.

If this expanded awareness occurs at a cellular, molecular, or atomic level, likely you won’t be conscious of it. If the expansion occurs at an organ, system, or whole-body level, likely you will. The realization of it usually comes naturally through a thought or in a dream. As a result, you may simply and gracefully change your habits or routine, or be guided to find what you need. To fully appreciate the benefits of this formula, pay careful attention to what’s going on in your life when you take it.

Illuminates Inner Causes
Aquamarine energy promotes awareness of the inner causes of our ailments, most of which stem from the mind (even when emotions are involved). With improved awareness, the mind can better see the consequences of its thoughts and thought patterns. Aquamarine energy helps the mind release its grip on harmful, negative, and limited thinking.

It is commonly reported that Aquamarine can help you find truth and illumination. This simply means that with fewer blockages and less accumulation inhibiting the mind and locking it into limiting concepts, the mind can expand its awareness of itself and its surroundings. This can feel like the kind of expanded awareness that comes with spiritual awakening, but it is not. Gemstone energies work only throughout our levels of manifestation: atomic, molecular, cellular, organ, system, whole-body (including subtle-body), and whole-being.

Clears Blueprints
The body’s blueprints are accessed, cleared, and maintained by Diamond. No other gemstone energy is able to reach this deeply into our essential information database.

Your blueprints exist at all levels of manifestation. They safekeep the fundamental instructions that govern your body’s manifestation in this world. They govern your health, your strengths and weaknesses, and also how and when you will age, as well as your body’s capacity to heal and recover.

Blueprints of optimal health do not describe blueprints of immortality or freedom from disease. Rather, they signify the absolute best that you can be. Two caveats here: One, your absolute best starts to become clouded once you are born into your present incarnation. Two, your absolute best can be improved.

At birth, we incorporate karma from previous lifetimes, we take on our parents’ energies or issues, and begin to amass our own. This is where Diamond and Gemstone Therapy can be helpful, and in particular the Body Wisdom Aura Spray. Use it when you are working to clear and resolve this karmic burden, so that your blueprint information can guide your life more clearly.

Your absolute best can be improved when you realize that you can surpass what’s been given to you, and begin co-creating your own course through life. By opening yourself to the life force and accepting its gifts and guidance, your potential is your own to decide. The Body Wisdom Aura Spray can help identify and bring forward new blueprint information that supports your intentions.

Backstory on Body Wisdom Aura Spray
I first made this GEMFormula almost a year before it was released. A dear friend had bought an Aquamarine necklace worth over $10,000 and he offered to let me use it to make a GEMFormula so that others could benefit from his bounty. He suggested that a GEMFormula could substitute as an affordable way to make what he called Aquamarine water. He was right.

Yet, I hesitated to bring the formula to market.  All that I had learned about symbiotic gemstones made me feel that something about this formula was missing. It needed a symbiotic gemstone. At the same time, a thought quietly repeated in my head “The symbiote is Diamond.”  The voice was so quiet I barely heard it and in truth, didn’t pay attention to it. And so the Aquamarine gemandala sat on my shelf.

Finally, something shifted when someone asked me about the gemandala, “But what is the symbiote?”

“The symbiote is Diamond,” I heard myself reply. Just as the inner voice had told it to me. Incredibly, just as I had not heard it the first time, neither did my friend. “The symbiote IS Diamond,” I had to repeat.

Suddenly the changes we wanted to make to the label came effortlessly and the correct wording came to mind and felt comfortable. It was time to release this formula. It would be called Body Wisdom.

For the purpose of bringing greater awareness to the body’s blueprint wisdom, there are no better partners than Aquamarine and Diamond.

Only a day after the Body Wisdom Aura Spray was officially released, did the Guardian of Aquamarine finally reveal her gemstone symbiote, which is Mother of Pearl. I’m guessing she delayed sharing this information so that I wouldn’t be tempted to add it to the Body Wisdom gemandala.

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