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Chakra Healing Aura Spray Gemandala™



The gemandala used to make GEMFormulas’ Chakra Healing Spray consists of:

White Beryl
Blue Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
Purple Rainbow Fluorite

A Study of the Chakra Healing Gemandala

The gemandala used to make the Chakra Healer GEMFormula consists of two main elements. Foremost is the line of gems along the north-south axis, and second are the six rays of gems that radiate from the center.

Tanzanite, White Beryl, and Blue Sapphire

The line of gems along the north-south axis consists of 11 Tanzanite gems, 4 White Beryl, and 2 Blue Sapphire. These gems work together to nourish, expand, and vitalize the central chakra channel.  This channel, which runs along the spine, is primarily responsible for chakra nourishment. Earth and heaven energies enter this channel and mix to the exact proportions each chakra requires.

Azurite-Malachite, Ruby, Carnelian, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Indigo, Amethyst, Purple Rainbow Fluorite, Iolite, and Heliodore

Two of each of these gems are used in the Chakra Healer gemandala.  One is placed on either side of the 11 Tanzanites. These gems have a particular affinity for 11 of the 12 chakras. Their presence nourishes and vitalizes these chakras so they can rid themselves of unwanted energies and return to more optimal health and function.


Six Moonstone act to keep the energies of the gemandala organized, and help them reach their destinations at their corresponding chakra centers.

Gemrays of Tsavorite, Rhodolite, and Spessartite

These 3 gems of the Garnet family help to ensure the best chakra vortexes possible. Tsavorite fortifies the energy vortex within each cell. Cellular vortexes form the foundation for the macro vortexes at our chakra centers. Rhodolite fires up vortexes, and Spessartite promotes good vortex shape and extension.


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