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Emotional Upliftment Aura Spray Gemandala™


The gemandala used to make GEMFormulas’ Emotional Upliftment Aura Spray consists of:

7-Color-Ray Diamond
White Beryl
Pink Sapphire
Mother of Pearl
Rose Quartz
Poppy Jasper
Blue Sapphire

A Study of the Gemstones used in the Emotional Upliftment Gemandala

Depression can be a very challenging condition to overcome. But the elements in this gemandala will assist you so you have the strength to overcome it.

The gemandala is based on the number 2, which is associated with the emotional body and with choice. The numerical influence of 2 reminds us that we always have a choice to make and empowers us to make the choice that’s in our best interest.

A therapeutic-quality, 7-color-ray Diamond is placed in the center of this GEMFormula’s gemandala to help you remember your blueprints of ideal health and emotional balance on all levels (including heart and mind). Diamond helps you recognize what emotional energies are truly your own, which ones need to be protected and vitalized, and which are best released and let go.

White Beryl

The White Beryl spiral in this gemandala clears unwanted emotional energies associated with depression, hopelessness, and feeling overburdened, or haunted by negative thoughts. White Beryl also brings more white light and life energy to the physical and emotional bodies.

Pink Sapphire
The symptoms of depression, hopelessness, and even being haunted by negative thoughts and emotions usually result from the emotional body pressing on the physical body in some way.

The four Pink Sapphires, located at the core of this gemandala, build an energetic scaffolding that lifts emotional energies off the physical body. With the extra space now available, you can clear negative emotions, or depressing feelings of hopelessness and profound sadness.

Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl provides comfort while you go through this clearing.

Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, and Poppy Jasper
This gemandala has a set of Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, and Poppy Jasper on its east and west axes.  Rhodonite provides emotional stability by creating a foundation upon which you can rebuild your emotional state.

The Rose Quartz helps to clear the emotions and assists with emotional release so you can let go of emotions that are burdening you.

Poppy Jasper calls forth your heart’s inherent joy and encourages feelings of hope and light-heartedness.

These two sets of gemstones are offset from each other at their axes to help loosen the grip that depression can have upon you.

Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine
A set of 1 Blue Sapphire and 2 Aquamarine sits on the north and south axes. Their purpose is to bring greater awareness to your mind and clarify your thinking so that you can see what is going on emotionally. Then, you can make better choices about your life’s direction, what to do with feelings that come up, how to express these feelings, and how quickly you want to let them go.


At the north and south poles of this gemandala are 2 Lavender gems. These provide a definite sense of alignment.

In this gemandala, 8 gemstones are placed along the north-south axis. This is to support your inner strength. When you take this GEMFormula, you may notice this strength manifesting along your spine, and along the crown-root chakra channel (the channel of energy that flows between the crown and root chakra to nourish all the other chakras). This is fundamental, underlying strength that your chakras need to express themselves fully and function to their ideal capacity.

At the east and west poles is Quartz. Quartz energy is like a gyroscope. It offers a balancing effect so that, despite all of the energetic activity this formula can stimulate within your body and being, you have a sense of stability, something to keep you afloat, to keep you steady and focused. It’s like having someone on each side of your body, holding your arms and helping you walk forward.

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