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Energy Clearing Aura Spray Gemandala™



The gemandala used to make GEMFormulas’ Energy Clearing Aura Spray consists of:

7-Color-Ray Diamond
White Beryl (Over one hundred, arranged in a spiral)
Rose Quartz

A Study of the Gemstones of the Energy Clearing Gemandala

A spiral of White Beryl gemstones dominates the Energy Clearing Gemandala. This spiral’s energy field vitalizes the natural life-giving energies in every living cell of your body. With this GEMFormula’s support your cells are able to release and let go unwanted energies at all levels.

A therapeutic-quality, 7-color-ray Diamond is placed in the center of this GEMFormula’s Gemandala to help your body remember its blueprints of ideal health on all levels (including heart and mind). Diamond helps your body recognize what energies are truly your own, which ones need to be protected and vitalized, and which are best released and let go.

White Beryl
White Beryl is a clear, color-free gemstone, which cleanses lymph and brings white light to your body at all levels. In this Gemandala, over 100 White Beryl gems are arranged in a spiral shape, which helps draw out and dissipate energies that may be embedded and anchored in your body and aura. It also stimulates the natural life-giving energies that spiral within every living cell. This raises the cells’ vibrations and consequently their health.

Two large blue Aquamarine spheres prompt your body to reveal information about what you need in order to take your next step toward greater health. This information comes from cells throughout your body and is broadcast into your aura.

In this Gemandala, Aquamarine is placed on locations that correspond to the brow and sacral chakras. As White Beryl clears these chakras, Aquamarine energy can access them.

The brow chakra is often associated with what you see and how you perceive life. When cleared, you are better able to see and understand where your destiny lies, so that you can take definite steps toward manifesting it.

The sacral chakra is often associated with the reproductive system and interpersonal relationships of all kinds. When your sacral chakra is cleared, not only should your sexual energies be restored, but good interpersonal relationships should be easier to find and maintain.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz, a light pink color, helps your body release emotional energy that may have gotten stuck in physical tissue. This unwanted energy often accumulates when emotions are suppressed or not completely expressed or let go.

Stuck emotions can:

Two Rose Quartz, placed in locations that correspond to your abdomen, help your body release unwanted emotional energies in your torso, where they can affect not only organs but vessels, fascia, muscles, nerves, fatty tissue, and lymphatic drainage.

The position of Rose Quartz in the gemandala also corresponds to your emotional body. This will encourage you to heal the roots of the feelings that caused the emotional energies that may have accumulated in your body.

Apple-green Chrysoprase draws white light from beyond the atomic level up through your molecules and into your cells and organs. It works opposite other gemstones in that it brings natural healing energy “up” into your body rather than “down” into it from your aura and environment.

This up from the inside motion of the white light supports the action of White Beryl. It also helps to release unwanted energies that have become rooted and anchored, or that may have been accumulating over years, or that may be malicious.

Four Chrysoprase gems in a stabilizing square formation help ensure a balanced release by funneling the uprooted energies into the White Beryl spiral. This has been designed to avert cleansing reactions.

Sugilite, a dark purple gem, clears unwanted energies from the body and aura. In this gemandala it is stationed at the 8 major cardinal points: north, east, south, and west; plus north-west, north-east, south-east, and south-west. These Sugilite guard against the return of energies the other gems have helped you release.

The number 8 is associated with evolution. Eight Sugilite help you evolve away from the circumstances and states of consciousness that allowed you to take on these unwanted energies in the first place.

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