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Energy Fortifying Aura Spray Gemandala™



The gemandala used to make the GEMFormulas’ Energy Fortifying Aura Spray consists of:

7-color-ray Diamond
Blue Lace Agate
Green Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline
Red Spinel
Green Jade
Yellow Sapphire
Blue Sapphire

A Study of the Gemstones of the Energy Fortifying Gemandala


A 7-color-ray Diamond helps your physical and subtle bodies remember their blueprint of optimal health and purpose. Specifically, Diamond works with your carbon atoms, which are essential for carbohydrate metabolism, protein formation, and DNA integrity.

Blue Lace Agate

In this GEMFormula Aura Spray, Blue Lace Agate strengthens the frequencies of muscle, bone, and joint in your limbs, and encourages energy flows through them, which can stimulate them to move with enhanced coordination.

If your destiny is to be a great athlete, the presence of this gemstone will help you achieve it. Blue Lace Agate energy pouring into your limbs can give you the motivation to work harder and longer.


Moonstone nourishes and supports your supraphysical aura, which sustains all body functions. In this gemandala, it is placed in a location that corresponds to the mental body. There, it enhances fluidity of thinking for faster and more accurate decision making. It also enhances the communication between your mind and limbs for faster reflex action.

Visceral Organ and Stomach Chakra Support
In the midsection of this gemandala is a combination of several gemstones: Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Red Spinel, and Tektite. These gems support the visceral organs and the integrity of the stomach chakra vortex.

Green Tourmaline is known for its ability to give athletes an edge. It carries the masculine ray, which supports courage, vigor, and vitality. Although a Green Tourmaline necklace is particularly useful for empowering men, the Green Tourmaline in this GEMFormula will benefit women too–without the potentially-imbalancing side-effects possible with the necklace. Green Tourmaline energy seems to stimulate the production of testosterone to promote tissue repair, enhance bone density, and promote muscle growth.

Red Spinel works on the striated muscles and the cardiac muscle. It encourages the heart to contract evenly, and it encourages the striated muscles to not only relax and contract to their full possible range, but to expand this range. This can strengthen them.

Tektite brings supernormal potential to the body, catalyzing the other gems and enhancing their benefits. While Green Tourmaline brings physical power to the athlete’s energy field, Tektite provides athletes with resources from beyond the physical to empower them.

Two Green Jades are positioned to support the sacral chakra and reproductive organs, which are primary sources of testosterone production in the body.

Circle of 7 Color-ray-bearing Gemstones

This circle of gemstones provides your body with all of the essential color rays. Your organs and cells can take the colors they need as they need it. The colors entering your body are moderated by the Diamond in the center of the gemandala, for the most balanced support.

The central gemstone in the circle is Yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire supports elimination, and for peak performance, your body needs to eliminate metabolic wastes as quickly as possible.

The Amethyst is larger than the other gems in the circle, to give extra support to the nervous system. Fine-tuned nerves support faster reflexes, better coordination, enhanced distribution of information throughout the body, and better response to training activities. Well-nourished nerves also allow your body to relax more completely after workouts, which is important to help your body assimilate improvements in body tissue strength, flexibility, and integrity.

Square of Indigo/Tektite

At the north pole of this gemandala is a square of Indigo with a Tektite at its center. Indigo supports intuition and a sharp intuition is invaluable during competition. A baseball batter needs to sense or intuit what pitch is going to be thrown to him. A pitcher needs to sense what type of pitch to throw to conquer the batter. A cyclist needs to be able to intuitively sense where her competitors may be, in front and behind her. A runner may need to intuitively apportion his energy for the last burst, right before the finish line. All of these situations can be enhanced with greater intuition.

Tektite’s source is unknown, although many scientists suspect it comes to Earth from outer space. Nevertheless, when combined with Indigo, extraordinary intuition becomes available to you. You might say that Tektite opens the door for cosmic, supraphysical, and super-physical forces to become available if the athlete needs to call upon them.


The two Lavenders on the north/south axis of the gemandala help to align the body so it can better incorporate the benefits of the other gemstones in this formula.


The four Rhodochrosite in this GEMFormula work with your emotional and causal bodies to correct limiting patterns that prevent you from taking your performance to a new level. Such patterns can keep your from running faster, pressing more weight, pitching more accurately, hitting farther, or excelling at your particular athletic specialty.

For the new exerciser, limiting patterns can prevent regular exercise.

Hexagon of Moonstone/Tektite/Amethyst

The Fortifying Spray gemandala contains a hexagon comprised of four Moonstones, a Tektite, and an Amethyst. This encourages the nervous system and the spine to perform beyond present capabilities, and reach beyond present potential. The Amethyst also helps the nervous system to incorporate new patterns, information, and energies.

Pink Tourmaline

Ten Pink Tourmalines surround the gemandala, to offer protective energy to your entire body including your torso, head, and feet.

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