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Memory Nourishing Aura Spray Gemandala™


The gemandala used to make GEMFormulas’ Memory Nourishing Aura Spray consists of:

Golden Beryl (in three shades)
Blue Topaz
Blue Sapphire
Light Green Aventurine

A Study of the Gemstones of the Memory Nourishing Gemandala

A faceted Golden Beryl stars in the center of this gemandala. I chose a faceted gem so it can actively project its energies into your aura and stimulate the energies of the other gemstones in the gemandala. In contrast, a Golden Beryl rondel would not project Golden Beryl energy as dynamically and independently. It would patiently await stimulation from your aura or body energies before activating the other gemstones in the gemandala. This is why the central gems of many aura spray gemandalas are faceted.

Golden Beryl-Spessartite-Golden Beryl Combination
Golden Beryl is particularly nourishing for the causal body, which is that span of vibrations within your being where memories are stored. Golden Beryl vitalizes, supports, and fortifies the causal body so that memories become better organized and accessible.

By itself, Spessartite, an orange garnet, encourages the chakra vortexes to extend as far as possible into the aura. When combined with Golden Beryl in this GEMFormula aura spray (and also in the Golden Eagle necklace), it leads the chakra vortexes to extend at least into the causal layer of the aura.

When Golden Beryl and Spessartite are combined, they draw the attention of the higher intelligence to the causal body. If this GEMFormula consisted only of these two gemstones, it would be an effective memory booster.

Why is Spessartite placed between the Golden Beryl?
One possible reason for memory loss is that regrets and memories of negative and painful experiences pile up. It becomes unpleasant to use the faculty of memory simply because the painful memories are lurking there. The price of ignoring these memories is often the loss of other memories as well.

Wearing Spessartite alone could open the causal body indiscriminately. When Spessartite is surrounded by Golden Beryl, as it is in this gemandala, the Golden Beryl guards access to the causal body and paves a safe path for the memories Spessartite can draw forth.

Together, Golden Beryl and Spessartite help you remember and to handle these memories with grace and self-forgiveness.

Aquamarine-Opalite-Light Green Aventurine Combination
Aquamarine is a gem whose energy expands awareness. Our higher intelligence projects a beam, like that of a flashlight, into our world. Aquamarine widens the scope of that beam so we can see, understand, and access more about ourselves. When Aquamarine’s light is shown into the causal body, it helps us to access memories.

While Aquamarine helps us expand our self-awareness over a broader scope of inner terrain, Opalite helps us access it more deeply. Our memories are organized like the layers of rock that mark the history of a canyon wall. The farther back the memories, the deeper the layers.

Opalite exposes the canyon wall, so that memories are displayed and more easily accessible. When Opalite is combined with Aquamarine, the flashlight shines on all. This could be overwhelming if it weren’t for Light Green Aventurine.

When used by itself, Light Green Aventurine focuses its energy on areas of lowest vibratory rate in the body. When combined with Aquamarine and Opalite, its energy will focus on memories we need to access. This will direct the light of Aquamarine on those areas of the cliff face—those stored memories—that you need to recall for your greater good.

Blue Sapphire-Blue Topaz Combination
A memory-boosting formula would not be complete without giving support to the higher mind. Together, Blue Sapphire and Blue Topaz help to heal and nourish mental processes, whose depletion may be contributing to memory loss.

Blue Sapphire nourishes the mind and Blue Topaz gently dissolves mental boundaries and divisions that wall-off the thought streams of creative activity and free thinking. Together, these gems open the door for the mind to access memories, so you can retrieve them by your conscious awareness.

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