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Mental Focusing Aura Spray Gemandala™



The gemandala used to make GEMFormulas’ Mental Focusing Spray consists of:

Blue Star Sapphire
Blue Sapphire
Blue Lace Agate
White Beryl

A Study of the Gemstones in the Mental Focusing Gemandala:

Blue Star Sapphire sits in the center of the mandala. Its energy draws your attention inward, deep into the heart of the mind, where you can nurture meaningful, well-considered, and original thoughts and ideas. At the same time, Blue Star Sapphire energy supports an outflow, so that these important thoughts are not harbored, but launched into the world where they can make a positive difference.

The curved gemrays (the mandala’s “rays” or “arms” composed of gemstones) in this mandala also support balanced and regular inflow and outflow. These rays consist of Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, White Beryl, and Blue Sapphire.

These gems work together to help you focus your attention as you wish.

The gemrays move mental energy around, redistributing it so that it can be more evenly organized. This effect occurs wherever the spray is applied.

Key numerical influences in this mandala are 6, 2, and 12.

6 gemrays
6 Blue Sapphire
6 Aquamarine
2 Blue Lace Agate in each gemray
2 White Beryl in each gemray
12 Blue Lace Agate in the mandala
12 White Beryl in the mandala

In Gemstone Therapy, the number 6 supports self-mastery. Enjoying mastership of your own life means, among other things, being able to work with your mind, understand its capabilities, utilize its gifts, and retrain and control it as necessary.

The number 2 supports choice. You have the freedom to choose how you want to think, and this mandala empowers you to exercise that choice.

The number 12 is all-encompassing. It acknowledges the mind’s universal influence and allows the gemstone energies to consider your entire body and being as you work to improve mental processes.

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