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Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy with Isabelle Morton

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From: $50.00

Individual Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Sessions:
At checkout, in the “comments” section of the order form, please indicate what days and times are best for you and Isabelle will try to accommodate. When we receive your order, she will email you to schedule the appointment. Please be aware that demand for Isabelle’s sessions is far greater than available times, so there may be a wait.

NEW! Group Diamond Therapy Sessions:
Introducing a new way to experience Remote Diamond Therapy with Isabelle.  Sign up for one or all three 45-minute group sessions at this once-in-a-lifetime introductory price. Times listed are in Eastern Standard Time.

Individual Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Session

    1 Hour of Remote Gemstone Therapy ($200.00)

    90 Minutes of Remote Gemstone Therapy ($300.00)

Group Diamond Therapy Sessions

    April 8th, 11AM: Nourishing and Clearing (45 minutes) ($50.00)

    April 12th, 11AM: Nourishing and Strengthening (45 minutes) ($50.00)

    April 25th, 7PM: Chakra Health (45 minutes) ($50.00)

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No matter where you may be living, you can benefit from Isabelle Morton’s skills as a master Gemstone Therapy Practitioner. Your one-hour or 90 minute remote session will take place by phone or Skype while you are sitting or lying in a comfortable position, undisturbed in your home. Isabelle will then use her remarkable abilities to view and work with your energies.

With your permission, Isabelle observes your aura and may start by bringing in gemstone energies that vitalize its mental, causal, emotional, and supraphysical layers. She may adjust their orientations so that all are aligned and functioning together in harmony. She often works with the chakras, starting at the crown. She corrects chakra leaks and anomalies, lengthens and strengthens chakra vortexes so they extend fully through your aura, removes unwanted energies from them, and corrects imbalances in the chakras’ color rays.

If you have a particular physical condition, Isabelle may explore the molecules, cells, and tissues involved, while describing what she sees. Focused work can also be done in the emotional, causal, and mental bodies. Diamond and gemstone energies are brought in at every step to nourish and vitalize and assist with releasing unwanted energies, which may include clouds of random energies, entities, virus, parasites, and negative thoughts and emotions.

Every remote session is special and unique and proceeds according to the desires and needs of the individual.

For the first time, I am offering seats in group Diamond Therapy remote sessions. Each session will have a generalized theme, but everyone who attends is welcome to address any issues or concerns they want to.

This is your opportunity to:

• Try a remote session if you haven’t had one before, at a fraction of the cost of an individual session.
• Experience for yourself the power of 7-color-ray Therapy Diamonds.
• Take a significant step on your journey to greater health.

Seven-color-ray Diamonds awaken and clear your inherent blueprints of optimal health, so that your body remembers how to self-heal.

Our session will start promptly at the designated hour. Please call in at least 5 minutes early to give yourself time to relax and contemplate what you’d like to address during the session. Everyone will be muted, so you will not be able to chat with each other. This is your own personal time for self-healing.

Please be on time. Arriving after we begin will make it harder for you to enter the group experience. It may also disrupt the experience for others.

Diamond Therapy is uniquely capable of addressing each person individually, while in a group. The techniques I’ll use will be compatible with everyone.

The session is scheduled to end after 45 minutes of Diamond Therapy. However, I may keep everyone a few minutes more if addition time is needed for a full and complete integration.

4 reviews for Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy with Isabelle Morton

  1. 5 out of 5


    I try to schedule a remote session each month. Gemformulas Gemstone therapy sessions are my gift to myself and those who depend on me, because they are how I am able to maintain the best physical, emotional and mental health possible.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Isabelle is not only a practitioner extraordinaire, but also a highly evolved soul who brings to her work a spiritual impeccability of the highest order. Because I trust her so completely, the work we do together is deep, life changing. She’s been on the team that has helped me to build a healing matrix to reverse a life-threatening illness. I absolutely recommend that you get at least one session even if you have access to a great practitioner near you.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have tried “everything”, and engaged many different helpers and therapists to resolve some very deep and difficult core issues that modern medicine just doesnt have the knowledge or capacity for dealing with. Isabelle is still the best practitioner I have found, that always gets to the core issues and sees clearly and objectively. Also she is not afraid of telling me something I might not want to hear. I have deep respect for her non-judgemental and precise approach.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I just listened to a recording of my first gemstone healing session with Isabelle Morton dated 11-28-12, and listening again was totally incredible! My chakras were leaking then and were not drawing in the color rays in the spectrum as they should have been, and Isabelle repaired all that. She knew all the damage in my physical as well as in my energetic body from my crazy family.

    Isabelle is very blessed with an incredible gift of healing! I highly recommend that everyone experience a few sessions with her. No matter what someone has experienced in their lifetime, they could benefit from her healing work.

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