Therapy Diamond Concierge Program


Therapy Diamonds are top-quality, natural, untreated, round faceted diamonds that carry color ray frequencies.  Therapy Diamonds identified by Isabelle Morton are only available here.

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We would like to extend personalized concierge service in helping you select your Therapy Diamond. After you purchase a down payment of $500 via this page, a GEMFormulas’ Diamond consultant will call you to answer any questions you may have and to help you select a Therapy Diamond from our inventory. (Prices usually start around $1000.)

When you receive your Therapy Diamond, you will receive the Diamond 101 Video Home Study course (a $600 value) to help you learn how to use your Therapy Diamond. You will also get a complimentary User Pack (a $50 value). See tabs below for details.

Therapy Diamonds, also known as Seven-color-ray Diamonds, have five key benefits that are unique to Diamond. No other gemstone or gemstone combination has these effects.

Therapy Diamonds:

  1. Awaken blueprint information. Therapy Diamonds reconnect your body and being with the inherent knowledge within you that helps you take positive steps toward better health.
  2. Clear accumulations that cloud blueprints. Therapy Diamonds clear the unwanted energies that obscure blueprint information. Clouded blueprints can lead to illness and lack of well-being.
  3. Nourish with complete color ray spectrums. Balanced color ray spectrums deeply nourish, resolve depletion, and help you attract positive experiences and repel negative, unwanted, and unnecessary experiences.
  4. Promote a state of “liquidity” in the body. This gives you a sense of relaxation and self-awareness both physically and energetically.
  5. Promote scintillation in the body. Therapy Diamonds support your body’s ability to fluctuate between states of rest and activity.

The Basics of the “Four C’s” of Physical Parameters

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  • A Diamond’s Physical Color
  • Diamond Clarity
  • Diamond Carat Weight
  • Diamond Cut

Each of a diamond’s physical parameters contributes to its personality. The resonance between a diamond and owner is probably the most important characteristic of all. We suggest finding a diamond that feels right, and then learning about its unique combination of physical parameters. The meanings of these parameters, as detailed above, can give you insight into your own energetic predilections.

The jewelry industry values diamonds based on four physical parameters established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They are called the “Four C’s” and they stand for Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. GEMFormulas uses this system to help our customers understand the physical qualities of Therapy Diamonds, and how these physical characteristics are reflected in the Diamonds’ energetic qualities.

The sections below give you a short introduction to the “Four C’s”.

Diamond Color
A diamond’s color refers to its body color. Except for fancy colored diamonds, the general rule is that the more coloration in a diamond, the more common it is. In the diamond industry, color grades start at D and move through the alphabet through Z. The rarest and most valuable diamonds, rated D, are those that have no body color at all. In order to be colorless, these diamonds are chemically pure, meaning there are no impurities among its carbon atoms, and these atoms form a perfect crystalline structure (when viewed at 10X magnification).

Diamond Clarity
A Diamond’s clarity rating ranks its imperfections. Those on the Diamond’s surface are called blemishes; those inside are called inclusions. Blemishes and inclusions can occur during the diamond’s formation and its travel to the Earth’s surface, during its cutting and polishing process, or during attempts to artificially improve the Diamond’s clarity. The number, position, size, nature, and relief of the imperfections help determine its clarity grade.

Diamond Carat Weight
Carats (cts.) are the standard unit of measure used to weigh diamonds. There are 100 “points” to a carat, and five carats to a gram. All other factors being equal, the larger the diamond is, the rarer it is, and thus the higher its price. While the term “size” usually refers to dimensions and the term “weight” to an object’s mass, the two words are often used interchangeably when working with diamonds.

Diamond Cut
Diamonds are faceted into a variety of shapes. For therapeutic purposes, we are interested only in round diamonds. The round shape allows a Therapy Diamond’s energies to work evenly and thoroughly throughout a person’s body and aura.

Round diamonds come in a variety of faceting styles, the most common of which is the modern round brilliant. However, we have found seven-color-ray bearing diamonds that are have old-style cuts as well as modified brilliant cuts. The unusual faceting style of these special Therapy Diamonds adds to their unique personalities.

The Unique Energetic Properties of a Therapy Diamond
Therapy Diamonds, also known as seven-color-ray Diamonds, are natural, untreated, round, faceted diamonds that meet specific physical and energetic criteria. Physically, they are superior in the parameters that measure diamond quality; energetically, they carry a spectrum of seven colors in relatively equal amounts. These colors are not the colorful flashes, or “fire,” seen when a diamond is placed under certain lighting conditions, but an energetic spectrum. Only a small percentage of diamonds carry this spectrum.

The mission of diamond is to be the storehouse of all the frequencies in the universe. Every natural diamond crystal contains all frequencies. Individual frequencies or groupings of them are revealed when the diamond is faceted. Each new facet can change the frequency that is broadcast by the diamond. In this way, every natural diamond is like an entire encyclopedia and faceting reveals one particular page of that encyclopedia.

A diamond crystal’s frequencies include those that support matter and the structure of the universe itself, as well as those that support life. Among the latter are color-ray frequencies. Color rays are containers of light and sound and are the inherent and underlying energies that comprise healthy living tissues. Color rays also nourish, maintain, and sustain them.

Governing these life-giving color rays is a master spectrum within each individual person called the blueprints. The blueprints are the highest truth that exists within a person. Blueprints keep a person on track toward fulfilling his or her purpose in life. They also remind the body how to heal itself. All levels of a person’s being respond to the blueprints’ guidance, from the smallest atomic building blocks to the whole being.

When you work with a Therapy Diamond, it clears the path for you to connect with your blueprints, and supports your movement forward in life with greater clarity and healing guidance.

Most faceted diamonds end up broadcasting non-color-ray frequencies, some of which are harmful. Non-color-ray frequencies are also found inside a less-than-heathy body. These frequencies cloud the blueprints and take up valuable space in the body—space that should be occupied by life-giving color rays. We strongly suggest you do not apply questionable diamonds to your body or aura because they would impart their non-color-ray frequencies.

Our Therapy Diamonds are certified by Isabelle Morton to carry the seven color rays in relatively equal amounts. These diamonds are safe to apply therapeutically to your body and aura.

The Diamond 101 Video Home Study Course

Diamonds are the master crystal. They are powerful tools that have sophisticated applications. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to begin working with your new Therapy Diamond safely, responsibly, and effectively. The (pre-recorded) Diamond 101 Video Home Study Course teaches you simple ways to get started using a Seven-color-ray Diamond for self therapy. The Diamond 101 material may also be studied in a half-day workshop.

To further your studies, we invite you to the Diamond Therapy 110 workshop, which is a 5-day intensive where you learn more detailed information and applications, including how to apply your Therapy Diamond in the aura, and how to apply it on other people. The workshop is an essential step toward Diamond Therapy practitioner certification.

The Diamond 101 Video Home Study Course ($600 value)
This online course teaches how to care for, handle, use, and benefit from your Therapy Diamond. In a series of six videos, each about 30 minutes long, you’ll enjoy what feels like private tutoring. Isabelle instructs, demonstrates, and invites you to practice working with your Diamond right along with her.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in each video:

Video 1 – Getting Started with Your New Therapy Diamond
Unpacking your Therapy Diamond.
How to safely handle a diamond.
Identify the parts of your diamond.
Exercise: Get to know your diamond’s energy.
Exercise: Receiving your Diamond’s energies.

Video 2 – How to Care For and Cleanse Your Therapy Diamond
Safe and unsafe methods for storing your Diamond and traveling with it.
How to test your Therapy Diamond for unwanted energies.
5 Steps for cleansing your Therapy Diamond.
Exercise: Preparing Yourself to Sense Energies.
Exercise: Learning to Sense a Cushion.

Video 3 – Diamond Therapy Essentials
Blueprints, intelligence centers, and the manifested matrix.
4 benefits of a Therapy Diamond and 4 Diamond orientations.
The essential step you do before every Diamond Therapy.
Exercise : Practice the Four Orientations
Exercise : Master Point Self Therapy

Video 4 – Three On-Body Master Points
How to strengthen, brighten, and correct the body chakras.
How to flood your visceral organs with life-giving color rays.
How to strengthen, brighten, and correct misalignments in the aura.
An introductory lesson on the chakras and the layers of the aura.

Video 5 – Why the Diamond Culet Should be Applied Only at Master Points
How energy flows through diamonds.
How each diamond orientation affects energy movement.
The effect of the culet at each of the master points.
Black diamonds and how a diamond can be misused.
Safe and unsafe diamond placement locations.

Video 6 – How to Decide Which Diamond Orientation to Apply and Where?
Why intention can be effective plus examples of session intentions.
Finding a selection technique that works for you.
Energy awareness exercises to learn pull in and push away.
Working with local areas and how to use Diamond Therapy after first aid.
Demonstration : Self-therapy using intuitive guidance selection technique.
Demonstration : Self-therapy with a target area and master points.

A few times a year, we open our online Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner Certification course to a select group of students, who are devoted to awakening the Blueprints to help themselves and potential clients take significant steps on their healing journey.

Learn More Here.

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  • Steps to Purchasing a Therapy Diamond
  • How Do I Choose a Therapy Diamond?
  • Fair Pricing

Steps to Purchasing a Therapy Diamond
1) Purchase a down payment on a Therapy Diamond.
2) A GEMFormulas Diamond Concierge will contact you to help you select the right Therapy Diamond for you.

How Do I Choose a Therapy Diamond?
Therapy Diamonds are as unique as people. You want to find one that resonates with you. Fortunately, the clarity and certainty that Diamond energy evokes in people makes choosing one relatively easy.

The best way to select a Therapy Diamond is by tuning into its personality and sensing your overall compatibility. This can be done over the phone. When helping customers to pick Therapy Diamonds, a GEMFormulas Diamond Concierge will ask you what Therapy Diamond sizes you are interested in. We will explain the color, clarity, and cut parameters of each of the Diamonds we have in your range. Then, the concierge will hold each Therapy Diamond that you want to explore, allowing the Diamond’s energies to reach you remotely. Most customers clearly sense the difference between each Therapy Diamond because each has a distinct personality.

A Therapy Diamond’s personality is partly due to the sum of its physical parameters (its “Four C’s”), partly the way it carries its seven color rays, and partly the individual uniqueness of the Diamond itself.

Fair Pricing
Buying a Therapy Diamond is a world apart from buying a diamond for jewelry or investment.

In the jewelry world, if a customer wants a diamond of a desired size and quality and a jeweler doesn’t have one on hand, the jeweler finds one by calling a diamond dealer. The diamond is shipped to the jeweler and the customer gets his diamond. It’s as simple as that. No further work is required. Because of the simplicity involved, the jeweler can charge accordingly for the minimal amount of time spent helping the customer find a diamond.

Finding therapeutic color-ray-bearing diamonds, in contrast, requires considerable time, energy, and expertise. First, Therapy Diamonds must meet specific physical characteristics regarding cut, clarity, and color. Second, they must meet exacting standards for energetic characteristics. Isabelle Morton is currently the only person in the world who can determine whether a diamond carries a therapeutic full-color spectrum. She has been gifted with the ability to see the energies of diamonds, and to identify, among the small percentage that carry colors, the ones that have a complete seven-color-ray spectrum. Only these might qualify as Therapy Diamonds.

This process takes a lot of time and patience. Not only does Isabelle have to inspect each diamond individually, physically and energetically, she also has to protect herself from the non-therapeutic diamonds that do not carry color rays. Some of these diamonds can be harmful, so Isabelle must be accompanied by a coworker who can help her clear and center herself after being exposed to harmful frequencies. On one trip, they looked through over 50 diamonds that met physical quality parameters and found only one that carried a therapeutic spectrum of color. Showing these diamonds was particularly tedious for the diamond dealer, as each diamond was individually packaged and had to be shown one at a time.

Because of the time and effort involved in locating and evaluating Therapy Diamonds, expect to pay more for a Therapy Diamond than what you might pay for a non-therapeutic diamond of similar size and quality.

Therapy Diamonds are not eligible for Gemstone Therapy Institute Practitioner or Intern discounts. In addition, to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, Therapy Diamonds will rarely, if ever, be discounted.

Read this tab to learn about:

  • Diamond Therapy User Pack
  • Diamond Shipping Information
  • Diamond Return Policy

Diamond Therapy User Pack
When you purchase a Therapy Diamond, we feel it is imperative that you learn how to use it. For this reason, we will send you a complimentary copy of the Diamond 101 Video Home Study Course. We encourage you to watch the first video in the series before you open your diamond parcel. See “How to Use” for details.

You will also receive:

    • One 2-oz bottle of GEMFormulas’ Diamond Spray.
    • A GEMFormulas’ certificate of authenticity.
    • Extra diamond paper.
    • Alcohol pads for cleansing your diamond (These are to get you started. You’ll need to purchase more, which you can find at any pharmacy.
    • A certificate from GIA or EGL verifying the physical qualities of your Therapy Diamond

You will also receive a therapy rod, a piece of beeswax, and some cheesecloth. You’ll learn how to use these tools at the Diamond 110 workshop.

Diamond Shipping Information
Because shipping costs vary widely depending on how far the parcel has to travel, the desired amount of insurance, and preferred shipping carrier, we have decided to charge shipping separately.

After you purchase your Therapy Diamond, please let us know which shipping carrier you would like to use. We will calculate the cost of shipping and insurance, contact you with this information, and arrange for payment.

Price Estimates Based on a Range of Qualities
Therapy Diamond prices vary considerably. The range is due to variations in industry pricing based on a diamond’s carat weight, clarity, physical color, and precision of the cut, known as the “Four C’s”.

For example:
A .70 – .89 carat diamond may cost from $4,000 to $27,800.

The low price ($4,000) represents an approximate price of a .70 carat diamond at SI clarity, M color. The highest price ($27,800) represents an approximate price of a .89 carat diamond with perfect “D” color and “IF” (internally flawless) clarity. These diamonds are exceedingly rare and so command the highest prices.

All of the Therapy Diamonds we sell meet exacting therapeutic quality physical parameters. We inspect each Therapy Diamond to ensure that any inclusions or flaws do not affect its therapeutic value. Choosing a diamond with lower clarity and color grades makes larger diamonds more affordable. Higher-quality diamonds work with a focus and directness which may be preferred regardless of size.

.23 – .29 carat / $750 – $3,500
Most people find diamonds this small challenging to hold and use for therapy.

.30 – .39 carat / $1,400 – $5,000
.40 – .49 carat / $2,400 – $8,000
This range may work for people with smaller hands or who are particularly dexterous.

.50 – .69 carat / $2800 – $12,000
This is the smallest size that most people feel comfortable using.

.70 – .89 carat / $4,000 – $27,800
.90 – .99 carat / $9,000 – $50,000
> 1.49 carat / $15,000 – $74,000
Larger diamonds are definitely easier to handle. Their effects have a much wider reach, meaning they affect a greater expanse of a person’s being.