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Sep 05 2017

A Gemstone Therapy View of the Causal Body

By: Isabelle Morton

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At the Gemstone Therapy Institute, we teach the energetic aspects that contribute to the form and function of your being. This includes the non-physical aspects, also known as “subtle bodies.” We recognize several, including: supraphysical, emotional, mental, and intuitive. Some people are highly aware of the non-physical parts of their being, while others do not have such a strong connection.

Another energetic feature we have is called the “causal body,” which is commonly called the memory.

However, memory isn’t the only function of the causal body. The causal body is also responsible for giving you a concept of near and far, the space around you, and your presence within that space. The ability to experience here-ness in the present moment and sense that you are separate from everything else is also a causal function.

The causal body helps you determine spatial relationships, such as how well a new couch will fit into the living room. Or the ability to organize the items on your desk to make them more readily available.

The ability to maintain your equilibrium is also a causal quality. The ability to balance on one foot is partly a matter of causal perception. How does your body fit and operate in the space around itself?

The causal body is also a necessary buffer between the mind and emotions. Have you ever noticed how thoughts about a topic you disagree with can make you feel angry? On the other hand, catch yourself in a quiet moment and notice your thoughts—they’re on peaceful things. Without the causal between them, the mind and emotions would rub each other raw. One would stimulate the other to exhaustion. There would be no peace.

To explain how the causal body separates the emotions from the mind, it helps to consider the layers of the aura. The aura is the energy field that surrounds the body and it consists of layers. These layers give a real location to our energetic aspects.

The physical body is encompassed by the emotional body, which is encompassed by the causal body. Incorporating them all is the mental body. As the graphic shows, the intuitive body surrounds even that. The spiritual aspect of yourself lies beyond time and space, and so exists everywhere—including the physical body. This is why mystics will say “look within” to find the Light.

The spiritual aspect also enlivens the causal body, making it mirror-like. A healthy causal body has a healthy mirror. It reflects thoughts back to the mind, and feelings back to the emotional body to consider before expressing. This way the mind doesn’t react to a budding emotion and feelings don’ t flare up at the slightest thought.

The causal body’s mirrors are an antidote to karma. The causal body is also known as the karmic or akashic body. This is where karmic, or akashic, records are stored. These records consist of all the events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions that you have experienced, or have yet to experience. The causal body contains them all and expertly organizes them.

Resolved karma is kept deep within the causal body, forming a platform foundation for future experiences. The new karma, which is always on the surface, is what faces us daily.

Active karma is kept on the side of the causal body nearest the emotional body. This location does make karma particularly prone to emotional involvement. Karma stimulates the emotions, the mind reacts, the body acts, and the cycle continues.

This is where a strong mirror-like function in the causal body plays a role. By reflecting the emotional body back to itself, something is eventually learned. The ability to keep the emotions balanced in the face of a karmic situation indicates the lesson has been realized and then the karma resolves.

When karma no longer stimulates and causes a reaction, it cannot teach and instruct, so it fades to the back of the causal body. After a rest period, something new takes its place, as the lessons are never ending. The purpose of karma is to keep us ever evolving into better human beings. It makes us more balanced, refined, and spiritual.

The vitalizing gemstone for the causal body is Golden Beryl. We pair Golden Beryl with Spessartite and Light Green Aventurine in our formula called Golden Eagle (pictured below).

Spessartite and Light Green Aventurine are partner stones to Golden Beryl. They  help the Golden Beryl energies penetrate the emotional body to reach the area of the causal body where they are needed most. The gemstone energies strengthen the causal body and help intensify its reflective quality. This is one reason why we say these gemstones help resolve karma.

With a healthy causal body, needed changes become more apparent. It is, of course, up to the individual to make these changes.

Opalite paired with Golden Beryl can help support the changes we want to make. These two gemstones comprise another causal-supporting necklace. Opalite in particular helps reveal the karmic past, which is laid out like layers of rock on a canyon wall. By wearing Opalite with symbiotic Golden Beryl (pictured below), it’s easier to see the cause and effect relationships in life. A wearer is more likely to make the changes needed to make life better.

You can find Golden Eagle and Opalite & Golden Beryl in our online GEMFormulas shop.