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Dec 05 2017

How we found Blue Sapphire Spheres…

By: Isabelle Morton

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On a recent gemstone buying trip we visited a new vendor. We had made a small purchase from him before, and had found him and his family to be exceptionally kind-hearted and sincere. We hoped we could do business with him. On this visit we wanted to find out whether he could indeed supply the therapeutic quality we were looking for on a larger scale.

He very much wanted our business, and showed us the highest quality gemstones he had. None but the Emerald would work, and so we bought it. Nothing else looked good enough.

“You want Sapphire?” he asked.

We were about to leave.

He pulled out gemstones of a kind we had never seen before, Blue Sapphire SPHERES. There was an entire bin of them, and most were gray or grayish blue…except for three, which were amazing.

Three strands stood out among all the others. They were huge: 8 to 10 millimeters! Their blue was beautiful and bright. Holding them up to a window we could see how translucent they were, despite some concentrations of color. Were these black spots? If so, we’d have to say ‘no thank you.’ The gems would be non-therapeutic.

I checked them using the flashlight on my iphone. Indeed a few beads did have black spots, but we could easily set them aside. However, in other spheres, what I thought were black were really concentrations of the molecules that make Blue Sapphire blue. They were blue!

Before I could get too excited about them I had to ask:

“Are they natural?”

He admitted they were heated. Heating is a common treatment for sapphire. It emulates the heat that would or could occur had the gem remained in the Earth much longer.

We asked the price and when he mentioned it, I gulped. These Blue Sapphire spheres would cost around $60,000.

He must have seen me swoon. He repeated a comment he’d made earlier about wanting to develop a long-term relationship with us. He also said they were leaving that afternoon for India to attend the Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. He needed cash for his journey. For these reasons, he wanted to give us a price nearly at cost. We couldn’t refuse.

I cannot imagine what my face must have looked like, I was so surprised. Here was an amazing gemstone tool for customers whose main color ray was blue, who needed the blue ray to help nourish their mind, or who needed support for creativity and communication. At an amazing price. I felt blessed to be able to provide this healing tool for them.

The other deal-sealer was that we had in stock enough large White Beryl to serve as the partner stone for this large Blue Sapphire, so that wearers could also work on blockages to receiving this quantity of blue color ray.

I closed my eyes and held the stones to my throat. The throat chakra thrives on blue color ray. Mine soaked it in. My entire body also felt revived as the blue ray also nourished my tired mind. It was a good feeling, and I felt so very grateful for the gemstones.

We left feeling as though we had received gifts. Not only the Emerald and Blue Sapphire, but our new vendor friend who not only understood our needs, but who also could cut gemstones for us just the way we wanted them.