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Dec 28 2017

How I Accepted My Diamond Destiny

By: Isabelle Morton

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I have said “No” to my destiny more times than I can count. I was afraid. I felt incapable. I walked away from it, tried other things. I resisted in every way I could.

What turned me around was a simple, yet profound experience on a windy day on a rocky Maine shoreline. As I faced the ocean, balancing myself on the rocks, I became enraptured by the beauty around me and the miracle of life itself. I felt elevated, and began to hear beyond normal capacity, and suddenly heard the ocean speaking to me.

It told me to honor all of life, in all its forms and expressions. This included rocks, gemstones, Earth, and the sea itself. Defining life in terms of the human experience was selfish and short-sighted.

It also told me to honor myself, which meant honoring my destiny. I knew all along this meant sharing my knowledge of how to use Diamonds therapeutically. It meant stepping out and being first. It meant being unafraid, bold, and capable. None of these felt like me.

How could I explain to others that only 2–3% of all Diamonds that meet the physical criteria also have healing energies—but that you need extrasensory perception to see them? I had that gift. But who would believe me? Who would believe that as amazingly transformative as healing diamonds could be, non-therapeutic ones could be equally harmful? I wanted to share my knowledge, but I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. So I had stopped working with them. I closed the window to my knowledge and ignored my gifts.

My otherworldly communication with the whitecaps somehow opened a door to my soul and released me from the fear that had been holding me back. Everything became simple and clear. Suddenly, it didn’t matter how this information was received or who wanted to receive it. That part wasn’t my responsibility. All I could do was share the knowledge. What people chose to do with that knowledge was their decision. Not my responsibility.

Diamonds have an affinity with the body’s inherent blueprints that guide health and healing. They have the unique ability to help you get in touch with your blueprints if you have forgotten them, or if they have faded and you feel directionless, out of touch, and unworthy. They work at the whole-being level, meaning they help you make sense of your entire world, and your place within it.

After this experience by the sea in 2015, I returned to working with Therapy Diamonds—but just on myself. Ironically, it did for me exactly what Diamonds are supposed to do: get you back in touch with your blueprints.

Blueprints are the inherent information that guides your healing and your life journey toward your destiny. With their guidance and direction, your experiences provide exactly those life lessons that you need. You can carve a life of service to others and become a light of inspiration. You can be a living example of how to follow your passion and use your gifts for the Upliftment of all.

I have since stepped forward and written two years’ worth of curriculum for Diamond Therapy practitioner certification and created a video home-study course for those who prefer self-therapy. I also provide Therapy Diamonds to those who want to learn to work with them.

I believe it is important that people connect with their blueprints, because doing so will make the world a better place for all of us.

I would love to share a piece of my destiny with you, and I hope that it might, at the very least, get you thinking about your own blueprints and what they are saying to you.

For this reason, I would like to invite you to a free mini course I’m presenting called “Introduction to Diamond Therapy Healing Certification.”  You’ll learn how to unlock your blueprints and help other people just like you.

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