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May 23 2018

Group Remote Therapy Session Experience :: Acute Flows System

By: Isabelle Morton

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Diane was facing a personal crisis that had eroded her confidence and ability to keep her heart open to friends and family.  A year ago, she’d lost a close friend to cancer. Recently she’d met someone she wanted to get to know better, but this new friend had also been diagnosed with serious cancer. Unlike the friend she’d lost, the new friend had gone through successful treatment and recovered well, but each time she discussed her experience, Diane felt waves of fear through her body. To her sadness, she found herself avoiding this friend, not wanting to talk with her, even though she liked her very much and felt they could grow close.

Diane knew her heart was still tender from losing her close friend, but she didn’t want to live in such fear, shutting herself off from the world and new possibilities. She’d also noticed a strange numbness in her arms, a tingling sensation that her health practitioner had diagnosed as thoracic outlet syndrome. The nerves that bundled near the collarbone weren’t getting enough blood flow, but to Diane it was a clear metaphor for what was happening inside: she felt constricted about opening her arms to welcome new possibilities fully.

The acute flows remote group session caught her eye in Isabelle’s newsletter, so Diane signed up, even though she had very little information about acute flows. Isabelle asked each participant to declare an intention for themselves. Diane wanted to understand how to release her fear before it shut down her body even more.

She’d worked privately with Isabelle so she knew about the energy clearing gemstone mandala and the EMR protection mandala, enjoying the feeling of both surrounding her body and being, absorbing all unwanted energies she was ready to release. When Isabelle brought in the diamonds, they felt indeed like thousands of tiny scrub brushes, clearing any blockages between Diane and her blueprints.

Then Isabelle asked the group to locate the main point of body stress, placing both hands on it. Diane placed her palms on her shoulder blades near her collarbone, at the thoracic outlet.

“Breathe in and out,” Isabelle said, “Then switch hands because the acute flow system is sensitive to polarity, and there is a negative and positive charge with each hand.” Diane felt some relaxation come in, a sense of release running down her arms.

Isabelle talked about the acute flows system having two windows, one located between the neck and head and the torso, the other between the lumbar spine and sacrum, and the first regulating the heaven energy, the second, the earth energy. When the body has received a shock or crisis, or needs help now, these two points take action, Isabelle said. Diane knew the death of her friend was a big shock, still reverberating in her system months later.

Acute flows warn us of coming crises, Isabelle said. This can range from a bump on the knee or an error in a bank account to a life-changing event. When a crisis is pending or happening, the acute flows system immediately gathers resources to the affected area to promote the fastest possible return to health, and its work is most effective within a few hours after an injury or infection sets in.  Then other systems of the body step forward, such as the immune, endocrine, or digestive system, or whatever is needed. Diane felt awe for this system she hadn’t even known about, helping her stay safe.  But she also realized that the continued reaction she was having, the waves of fear, meant that her acute flows were not as healthy and strong as they could be.

“Each person has thousands of acute flow threads,” Isabelle said, “Mostly concentrated on physical and supraphysical levels, and when they are healthy, they appear white gossamer, shiny, and vibrant.”

Isabelle asked the group to imagine the acute flows traversing their bodies. Then, pinpoint a place in the body where the grid-like network of glistening fibers is absent or compressed. The image came very easily to Diane: her shoulders and arms had very tight, limited acute flow threads. She realized that fear shuts down the communication between the blueprints and the body, which help the threads grow longer, stronger, and repopulate. The deeper into the earth they go, the higher into the heavens, the more energy is available to the body for health and well-being.

“Acute flows provide ways to anticipate changes in earth and changes in heavens that may affect you, so body can begin to adapt or protect itself. Each person’s acute flow occupies a unique frequency. They can circumscribe the earth if they are very healthy,” Isabelle said. “If they can go around the earth, they can alert you to any kind of crisis.”

In a healthy world, everyone’s acute flow threads co-exist with everyone else’s, so whenever someone gets sick, everyone supports them. People who are working to strengthen and lengthen their acute flows include people who help each other and enjoy the support the community provides. Diane realized that the key to healing her fear was strengthening her acute flows. As she left the call, she felt new freedom in both her arms as if they were stretching wider to embrace more of life now.

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