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Jan 31 2018

Astrology and Gemstones: The Super Blue Blood Moon in Leo and a Rare Lunar Eclipse on January 31st!

By: Isabelle Morton

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Three lunar occasions are happening simultaneously today, along with the Full Moon. The lunar eclipse (also called a Blood Moon) a Super Moon (which appears especially large due to its closeness to the Earth) and a Blue Moon (meaning the second Full Moon of the calendar month).

This is a time to tap into some super-charged moon energy during the next two weeks. It’s a rare opportunity to let out our childlike instinctive nature and express ourselves boldly and with less inhibition. Wearing certain gemstones can support our playful nature, help us strengthen what’s special and unique about us, and express ourselves better or more wisely.

But first, what are these lunar happenings and how will each affect us?

A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth, Moon and Sun align in a certain way. The January 31st total lunar eclipse was best seen over the Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas such as Western United States and Canada. On the East Coast of the US, the moon set at daybreak, before it was totally eclipsed.

A Super Moon occurs when the lunar orbit brings the moon especially close to Earth. At that time, it appears much bigger than usual. The January 31st Super Moon is the last of three in a row. Over the next few months, the moon will start to appear smaller as its orbit takes it farther away from Earth.

A Blue Moon is the second full moon in the same calendar month. It has a dramatic name, but no astrological affect. Blue Moons are thought to happen rarely (once in a blue moon), yet 2018 will have two, with the second one in March.

What Do These Lunar Happenings Mean?

The Moon is like a giant magnet in the sky that can pull the Earth’s waters—not only the ocean tides but the water inside our bodies as well. This can draw out the primal and intuitive parts of us. This influence is strongest during the Full Moon. It is exaggerated during Super Moons, when emotional reactions can be more extreme as primal instincts try to take over.

When the Moon is eclipsed, the Moon’s influence overtakes the Sun’s. According to astrology, the Sun represents our logical, adult nature that usually controls our child-like, instinctive, moon-influenced nature. During an eclipse and the days before and after, our child-like nature comes forward. You may notice fewer inhibitions and a desire to go forward based on instincts–without the usual pre-planning.

Gemstones that can support a playful nature include Yellow Calcite & Orange Sapphire. If you have stored up a desire to outflow, to express your joyful nature, to burst forth with laughter and playfulness, this gemstone formula can help set these feelings free.

Do you feel as though your childlike self is buried? Try wearing a formula called Loving Me.  It consists of Rhodocrosite, Peach Moonstone, and Marble to help break up unhealthy and unwanted patterns, so the real you can come forward. 

Not ready to reveal your playful nature and prefer to keep your expressions under some semblance of control? Wear Copper Rutilated Quartz & Spessartite. These gems will help you retain greater command of what you say and don’t say, and help curb uninhibitedness.

The Moon in Leo

As our instincts come forward, our decisions will be influenced by the child-like, moon-influenced aspect of our nature. This might shake things up a bit and cause some drama over the next two weeks, with the Moon roaring in the fiery sign of Leo. Leo is a bold sign that demands to be seen and heard. It fuels optimism and the desire to get out there and strut our stuff!

Meanwhile, the Sun will be coasting through the sign of Aquarius. The voice of Aquarius encourages us to recognize who we are as individuals, to be different and unlike those around us. Aquarius wants us to hold up a sign that says “This is me!” and Leo will add “Loud and Proud!”

A gemstone formula that can help strengthen individuality is Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl. Blue Lace Agate energy supports the natural energy flows that move toward and away from your body. Symbiotic White Beryl helps clear blockages in their path. Strong healthy flows clarify the unique energetic signature that defines who you are. Wearing these gemstones can help you discover the “me” in “This is me!”

The combined Leo and Aquarius energy during this time will be encouraging us to shout from the rooftops—to take a stand for our differences and all of the things that make us unique. Sometimes we need to stand strong and be loud and proud of who we are—despite what other people think. It’ll be important to remember that there is courageous energy surrounding us now to help us do this.

So watch for new people and opportunities to show up in your life around this eclipse season that encourage you to be your unique self. It’s time for the lions and lionesses to roar!