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Aura Sprays – Testimonials

Cleansing Spray Pack:

“I used to wash all my gems in water except a few which could not be washed. Those I put in a salt bath or put on a plant to clear them of unwanted energies. I had a lot of breakage of necklaces when I washed them, and big repair bill too! With the sprays it is so nice and you know for certain the gems are really clean and no breaking. Just simply follow the instructions given by GEMFormulas and spray a few times with Energy Clearing for any type of energy, then the EMR spray to help remove any EMR (electro-magnetic radiation), then Diamond Spray which revitalizes the gems. Then you have nice clean gems! The spray pack can also be to clear your aura or that of a loved one. Gemstone Therapy Practitioners can use them on clients also. They are amazing. I don’t know what I did without them all those years!”  -B.F.

“This GEMFormulas spray trio is my favorite way to cleanse my therapeutic gemstone necklaces, bracelets, & quartz clusters. It is easy, quick and effective. I also use this trio to cleanse myself after a stressful situation or after working in front of a computer all day.”    -K.

“This set is a god-send! It makes using gemstones more effective, especially for helping resolve heavy and tough issues that require both lots of cleansing and wearing the gems 24/7 until a cycle in the progress is finished. Its also great for rooms and my own energy field.”   -L.M.

EMR Clearing Spray:

“When I discovered the EMR Clearing spray I was delighted! I used to be radiated all the time at work by the computers or at home by tv and other appliances, but there was nothing to do to counteract it. With EMR Clearing spray I simply spray a few times over my head, and let the spray come into my aura to cleanse it. I often keep a bottle several feet away from my computer so I remember to spray myself every time I use the computer. During Gemstone Therapy sessions with Isabelle, she remarked how much electromagnetic radiation energy I had in my aura. It would have been great to have EMR Clearing spray during previous jobs, or really all my life! My health may have been much better!”      -B.F.

“I’m so grateful for this spray. It really does help to clean out the radiation. I had serious hand pain from holding my phone for texting. By using this spray it healed the cramping in my hand! But I will not go back to holding my phone in my hand, now that I know the cost. I use the spray on other target areas each day. Such a big invisible problem as EMRs is helped by this simple spray.”     -A.

Energy Clearing Spray:

“The Energy Clearing Spray works well for relieving stress and negativity. I simply spray it up over my head a few times, and let the spray rain down on my body to cleanse it. If I find myself in a particularly bad situation, I will use Energy Clearing Spray again until I feel more clear of the bad energy. When I was able to work, it was great to use when I got home from my stressful job to leave the stress behind me! Its wonderful to have such great tools to deal with the negative things in life!”       -B.F.

“The energy clearing spray is a daily staple in my therapeutic regimen for wellness. I spray overhead for general clearing as needed. It works great for headaches, neck aches and general aches and pains. For me, neck aches can be a precursor to a severe headache or migraine. When I spray the energy clearing spray directly at the base of my neck I hear a gentle crackling as the pain and tension dissipates. The GEMFormulas extra strength energy clearing spray was my all time favorite spray. It provided the extra oomph necessary to move forward in areas.”       -K.

“I use the Energy Clearing Spray for many things such as cleansing my gems and a room or space. I also like to use the Energy Clearing Spray to help me detach mentally and emotionally from circumstances that are not in my ability to change.”       -C.

“I use this at least twice a day to keep my energies supple. And for clearing the day’s effects so I can begin the evening with innocence and joy.”        -B.

7-Color-Ray Diamond Spray:

“My hands shake from having several strokes, so I knew I could not work with a real therapy diamond. I’m too afraid of dropping it and losing it. I asked Isabelle if the Diamond Spray was something I could work with instead, and she said yes. I purchased several refill bottles so I would have plenty to work with. I started with the technique to clear the central chakra channel. I did that one for at least 2 weeks to make sure the channel is open and my energy is flowing. That felt great. When I just cant wake up, I spray my chakras with Diamond Spray to help them wake up. My most recent stroke effected my vocal cords, so I decided to use Diamond Spray in that area about three or four times daily, both in toward the body and then outwards. That has really strengthened my voice! I used to think I could only use Diamond Spray for cleansing my gems, but I have found that it is very versatile therapy tool!”        -B.F.

“This is my favorite spray! It was my first introduction to the energy of seven-color-ray diamond energy, and I love to use it frequently. I use it to cleanse crystals and gemstones before and after therapy sessions, but it is also a great tool when teaching workshops, cleaning my home to prepare for guests, and when I’m creating jewelry of my own. The energy of this spray always feels enlivening and uplifting, in addition to clearing out old and stagnant vibes.”     -N.P.

Aura Protection Spray:

“I bought Aura Protection Spray because I was feeling anxiety while waiting for hours in the waiting room to see my doctor. I started spraying myself as I walked into the waiting room and then in my car after my appointment and then a time or two after I got home. This made the whole ordeal much easier! Knowing the spray protected me helped immensely. I also used it to try to strengthen my immune system, which used to be very weak. The Aura Protection Spray was a life saver for me! Eventually I no longer the medication so I no longer needed to see the doctor.”       -B.F.

“These indications describe my situation pretty well so I tried the spray. It actually felt like a more solid structure around my body. It helped me feel how being immune actually feels like, so I can recognize it. Now its easier to visualize my personal space protected.”       -L.M.

“I use the Aura Protection Spray in my treatment space between clients especially when I feel the room is very full of energy.”       -C.

Aura Protection (Extra Strength) Spray:

“As a Gemstone Therapy Practitioner, this aura spray has become a regular part of my preparation for a session. The first time I used the aura spray in the treatment space, my client was able to finally release remnants of past trauma. Extra Strength Aura Protection provides very deep healing support.”       -M.B.

“I received a bottle of Extra Strength Aura Protection Spray as a gift with my Diamond Sprays during the holiday sale. I have used it following the Diamond Spray on target organs, then also before Diamond Spray on target organs…not sure yet which way is best. The bottle stated you could grow your resilience, so I tried it! I was sick for the first time in 3-4 years and was very weak and dizzy. It just would not go away–all i did was sleep almost all day everyday for 4-5 days. Then I tried using this spray several times a day, and I gradually started to feel better.”    -B.F.

Chakra Healing Spray:

 “One of my favorite aura sprays is the Chakra Healing Spray. I knew my chakras had taken a severe beating and were probably not very healthy from various traumas and accidents. I sprayed chakra healing several times a day and wore my Chakra Guardian necklace. I was very fatigued and listless before purchasing the spray and necklace. I feel like my central chakra channel is much more in line and allows much more heaven and earth energies to both enter my body since using the spray. I feel so much better since the spray cleansed and strengthened all my chakras! I have more energy and am able to speak up for myself. I am so much stronger now in many ways!”     -B.F.

“I use Chakra Healing as a supplement to Blue Lace Agate-WBL, as well as specifically for a chakra that seems cracked. I also observed my friend reclaim herself, especially her own rythym, after “losing” herself in a social interaction. She sprayed it 3 times above her head and after a few seconds her own rythym started playing again.”       -L.M.

Core Alignment Spray:

“I’ve had spinal problems since my teens, so I was very grateful to learn about Core Alignment spray. I used the Core Alignment spray following all chiropractic adjustments and rolfing treatments to help my body hold the adjustments and feel comfortable with the new me. I also use it after using the Energy Clearing spray, EMR spray and Diamond spray on myself to help anchor those sprays. I believe Isabelle said that was a great way to help benefit from the cleansing sprays by applying each of them followed by Core Alignment spray. I have purchased Core Alignment spray several times since I like using it so much!”      -B.F.

“When I first started working with sprays I was struck by the consistent results I received when I used Core Alignment Spray. I always felt I stood straighter and taller.”       -L.L.

Emotional Upliftment Spray:

“Emotional upliftment spray gets me through rough mornings when I dread going to work. A spray overhead and at the heart chakra helps clear the yucky feeling and promote a positive can-do attitude.”     -K.

“I highly recommend Emotional Upliftment Spray on its own or as a supplement to therapeutic gems. It is so supportive when you’re feeling blue or down in the dumps.”     -L.L.

Energy Fortifying Spray:

“Before having several strokes I was very physically active and used the Energy Fortifying Spray almost everyday. I liked to walk or hike on the local bike trail daily if I could. I always felt like a had a lot more energy when I used the spray both before walking and then again after. I also always had a lot of injuries, like from falling down a hill near the beautiful waterfall on the trail. Those little injuries never seemed to heal well so I really wanted the spray’s healing power. I walk now, but not very far or for very long. I am thinking I should try the spray again now!”    -B.F.

“I use the energy fortifying spray in the morning when I wake up and don’t feel as energized as I should. Spraying overhead before a workout also adds a nice energy boost to stay motivated.”    -K.

“I recently found Energy Fortifying Spray to be a great pick-me-up during an afternoon slump at work. I was overtired when I applied the spray. The results weren’t immediate. But during the next 20 minutes I noticed I wasn’t as tired, I was walking more purposefully and standing straighter. I felt in better spirits and had positive energy to carry me into the evening. Quite a dramatic turn around!”      -L.L.

Memory Nourishing Spray:

“I have used this for helping loosen traumatic memories by spraying where my aura is directing to during a difficult memory. I also spray on my hands and around me after practicing a musical instrument, and before leaving the practice area, to anchor what I have learned in that session.”       -L.M.

Mental Focusing Spray:

“I’d been having terrible writers’ block for about a week. I used the Mental Focus spray two nights ago as I tried to write. Nothing seemed to happen, nothing felt different, and still I couldn’t get the words to flow. The next morning I woke up and out poured three pages!”       -I.M.

“I was testing for a spray to use when I was very tired one day. I was surprised my body wanted Mental Focusing Spray. After spraying around my head and in the aura I could see and think more clearly which cut through my fatigue. The energy boost came from a direction I wasn’t expecting!”      -L.L.

Amethyst Spray:

“I feel very close to Amethyst and Purple Tourmaline each time I use the Purple Ray Spray. My crown chakra seems more open. I have always felt my life must have an important purpose since I have managed to pull through so many health issues, and using the Purple Ray Spray helped me feel more strongly that my life has special meaning. The Purple Ray has helped me to see the positive side of things, and to realize that all the health problems have made me stronger in the end.”     -B.F.

Emerald Spray:

“Physically I was feeling depleted and lacked the energy to get out of bed in the mornings. After using the Emerald spray life has become easier because I’m able to be more active. I’m very grateful.”       -B.F.

“When I first started working with the color ray sprays, I would start with the red ray and work my way down. At the time, I lacked physical energy, but walked daily. I often dragged myself through the walk, forcing myself to keep going. I recall that no matter what color ray spray I was using at the moment, I was always peeking over at the green ray spray AKA Emerald Spray! Green is my main ray so that could be why ! was so attracted to it. On the days I used the sprays I always felt stronger and more energetic. I always attributed that that to the Emerald Spray. I love the green ray!”       -B.F.

Ruby Spray:

“My practitioner recommended the Ruby Spray and I found that it enhanced my ability to move beyond that “stuck in a rut” feeling that was holding me back, by giving me the strength to take those first steps. Thank you for these wonderful color ray sprays!”      -B.F.

“I use Ruby Spray right before a walk or hiking on the bike trail. It helps me feel much stronger – my inner strength keeps me walking even if I feel tired inside, and my outer physical strength helps me walk further or faster than previous walks. I love walking, and Ruby Spray has helped me enjoy it even more!”    -B.F.

Yellow Sapphire Spray:

“I purchased the Yellow Ray to help with my stomach chakra. During a gemstone therapy session with healing gems, I was told that my stomach chakra was “off-line” and that I needed the yellow ray to help heal, nourish and vitalize my stomach chakra. I simply sprayed the Yellow Ray Spray over my head and allowed the mist to rain down over me every day. All my life, anything that upset me was like getting hit in the gut. The nerves in my stomach were easily upset. The Yellow Ray Spray absolutely helped heal and nourish my stomach chakra! I feel like I have stronger personal power and healthier self-identity as opposed to when I was younger and I let everybody push me around.”        -B.F.