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Benefits of Receiving Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

Client Experiences

“I went into my session with the intention of resolving/healing the past in order to feel my freshest self to be able to fully embrace the next phase of my life in college.  During my session I learned that I had congested energies in my heart, throat, and crown chakras at my emotional and causal bodies. Although I drifted to sleep at some point, I felt aware that a lot of time was spent working in my heart chakra, which made sense because (in regards to my intention) I felt tied to the past mainly emotionally.  The gemstones used and whole session in general made me feel comforted, safe, protected, and loved. Afterwards the stuffy nose I had been dealing with for a few weeks was completely gone. I had no idea it was related to the energetic congestion in my chakras. I felt so light, so relaxed, and in such peace.”  -K.

“I am finally seeing a difference in how my communication is being received by others — it is changing and becoming more in line with my intentions! I have been working on this for years – trying to change how I come across in order to feel like I am not being misunderstood.  This is the first time in my life that I have noticed this issue shifting.  This is a huge part of the personal GEMFormula that I started working with 8 months ago. Comparatively speaking, this has been a very short time to change something so long in the incubator.  I am thrilled about that — I have really seen that people are not reacting to me the same as they had before, so my heart is more aligned with my words and people are receiving me as I Am.  I am humbled by this experience and thankful for the grace that I am experiencing in my daily living.”  -D.

“I really appreciate your clarity that describes so well what is going on without relating it to a belief system or a set of cultural or moral structures…It’s very hard to find a mentor or a way of training that isn’t related to a mentor/teacher’s own moral or religious/spiritual agenda.  This is one really good thing about the therapeutic quality gems, that they are already in nature as part of creation and here for us to experience, it’s not a man-made culture or phenomenon. Also they don’t work better/worse based on how well you practice a belief system or follow the rules of any one religion.”  -L.

After Gemstone Therapy for Relationships:

The adult daughter: “My mom and I have stepped over into a whole new kind of relationship. One full of gratitude and appreciation I never thought I would have for her. Genuine and not having to search for it.”

The mother: “I am having the best time I have ever had with my daughter. It is a neat experience for the both of us.”

“Mum has indeed noticed some changes since the gemstone therapy. She reports that:

She feels a bit more physical stronger than previously. Mentally she feels clearer than previously – she’s able to “think more clearly”. She remembers to “ask more questions.” And she has more of an inner “willingness/eagerness” to “do something about” her condition.

Also, last night she had a dream! Some nights she is unable to sleep and stays up till morning, only getting one or two brief moments of sleep. Yesterday was one of such nights, however there was a five-minute period where she did get some sleep and it was then she had a dream experience. I traveled shortly after the session, but having returned I’ve observed a bit more alertness about her.”  -A.

“One week after my first gem therapy session, I worked as a substitute teacher for a day. I am a retired teacher and work occasionally as a substitute. It has been years since I have enjoyed doing this. On this day, I truly enjoyed the children, and was re-awakened to the passion I used to feel about teaching and children. It must of been the gem therapy session that allowed me to have this experience. After my second gem therapy session, I find myself enjoying life. I notice people. I notice what they are wearing and if I like something I see, I say so. People are responding to me differently or I am hearing their responses differently. I notice myself setting boundaries quite easily. This has not been me in the past. I am taking care of myself. I know I deserve to be taken care of and I am doing this.”  -K.