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Jan 07 2019

Color-Ray Healing Brings Science to Energy Medicine

By: Isabelle Morton

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Recently, someone asked me what I’d like to be remembered for. Immediately I replied, “As the founder of Diamond Therapy and Gemstone Therapy.”

Then I paused a moment, reflected, and said, “More important than that is my contribution to the science of energetic anatomy.”

People tell me that I have a special knowledge of how the body’s energies form and operate. A keen understanding of their structure and function that makes sense and can be logically explained and clearly shared.

Energetic anatomy is essential to understand and appreciate energy medicine in general, and Diamond and Gemstone Therapy in particular.

Modern medicine has gained prominence in society today because it can explain in very clear terms how and why its treatments work. This was not always the case. The book “Doctors on Horseback,” by James Thomas Flexner, recounts how the dream of medical students in America in the 1700s was to visit Edinburgh, Scotland, then a center for dissection and anatomical studies.

Students who traveled there and to Italy to study returned to make substantial contributions to the budding field of medicine in the young United States.

If energy medicine is to gain the position it deserves in medicine today, a similar understanding is crucial. We have to have a clear picture of energetic anatomy and physiology. There are a lot of misunderstandings and half-truths out there on the internet regarding this topic. My mission is to help set them straight.

I’m starting with the rudimentary, the most essential components of life itself: light and sound and the color-ray spectrums they produce.

The study is what microbiology is to biology. By understanding the small, you can better comprehend the large.

But more than that, a study of color-ray spectrums reveals the incredible power we can have over our health and healing processes, as well as those of our clients and patients.

Here’s the simple truth about color rays: Color rays provide the body’s most essential structure and nourishment. They appear in spectrums, which you can evaluate, analyze, and shift.

Color-ray healing can be applied in simple ways by the layperson or in sophisticated ways that will allow practitioners to understand their patient’s or client’s healing processes. Using these more advanced techniques, practitioners can use color rays to find out what remedies and treatments are working, what isn’t working, and what needs more time to take effect.

Analyzing color-ray testing data gives you a baseline to track progress. This is something that is currently lacking in energy medicine, and is sorely needed.

Gemstone Color-Ray Therapy brings science to a field that has been overlooked and sometimes even criticized for its lack thereof. Because it has not been studied and explored the way modern medicine has, energy healing has not received the scientific validation and credit that it is certainly due.


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