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Aug 29 2019

What Colors Affect Health the Most?

By: Isabelle Morton

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One of the benefits of working with the information you can learn in my color-ray courses is that you get to find out which colors are affecting your health and your life the most.

                   Amethyst & White Beryl

In this blog post, I’ll share the ones I’ve found that are influencing mine since a recent injury, what they mean, and how I work with them.

Eight days ago, I fell down the stairs and damaged my tailbone. The color that’s been most healing for it so far is purple, although green comes up often. Color-ray theory teaches us that each color has a reason, a purpose, and tissues in the body that it’s particularly vitalizing for.

That my tailbone is now calling for a spectrum rich in purple means that my nerves need the most support. Another test showed that the blood and lymph vessels in the area are also relying on purple, so I know that the nerves in these tissues have also been affected.

Of course, I know the entire area is bruised, but consciously knowing the specifics helps focus and direct my attention and my body’s healing energies to those areas. Healing energies tend to follow the attention.

Color-ray testing the area has also revealed a need for the green ray. Green is typically called for whenever physical tissue is healing. Looking more deeply, this also suggests the inflammation is affecting other areas, probably pinching the nerves but also interfering with my tailbone’s self-identity. It’s important that each organ of the body has a clear identity to enjoy optimal health. By encroaching on other tissues via the inflammation, that self-identity is blurred.

                                                   Emerald & White Beryl

I wondered what color was responsible for the spectrum that represented the underlying cause of the tailbone injury and discovered it was indigo. Indigo suggests a weakness in my overall structure. It’s also my main color ray.

Everyone has a main color ray that connects them with their higher self and guides them from one life lesson to the next.

When I consider the injury in relationship to the overall lessons I’m learning in my life, I can see correlations and my awareness opens. I gain a greater understanding of myself and how my life is unfolding.

Indigo correlates with structure, which has always been a big lesson for me. I appreciate structure and find that within it, I can deliver a great deal of creativity. But in my ambition to bring Diamond and Gemstone Therapy to the world, I often overbook myself. The night I fell down the stairs, I was supposed to teach a class and was rushing while carrying too many things. That class would have been too much for my already tired body. It caved, and I fell, and class was canceled.

Color-ray testing showed that I needed the indigo ray, which gave me insight into what was really going on. It helped me understand my situation better and allowed me to feel more compassionate for myself. It also served as an important reminder to schedule my time more carefully.

Using this information, I can find new ways to bring better structure into my life. An easy fix would be adjusting my sleep habits. I love staying up very late at night, into the wee hours past midnight, but I know it isn’t the best for my health. The color-ray results seem to confirm that anything I can do to improve the structure of my life would be helpful.

Still curious about my tailbone injury, I then color-ray tested the spectrum feeding the bone itself. The results here were very interesting. Purple was still the dominate nourishing ray, but red was in excess. Red is the color that predominately nourishes the root chakra, which is located near the tailbone. I tested that chakra and sure enough, it was leaking. A simple chakra leak correction also fixed the excess red in my tailbone.

Excess colors aren’t better for an area, but in fact inhibit healing. Think about what it feels like when you overeat. You go past the point of nourishment into a state of excess. The fullness probably makes you feel uncomfortable and perhaps lethargic too. Not the ideal circumstances for healing or enjoying life.

I then tested the ligaments and muscles surrounding my tailbone. The ligaments were being fed by a spectrum dominating in green, which means they’re in a healing process. This is a good and reassuring sign.

What I found troubling was the spectrum of the muscles. The results told me without doubt that unwanted energies had completely surrounded them. I needed an unwanted energy extraction, which I gave myself using the White Beryl & Turquoise necklace. (This is taught in Level 1, Gemstone Therapy 101.)

I decided to test two other things that have been bothering me lately: a newly capped tooth that hadn’t yet settled down and a recently acquired stiff neck. Interestingly, the test results for both of them pointed to indigo.

Indigo is the color that should be feeding the teeth. The result I got hints that the twinge I’ve been feeling in that tooth may not be too serious, although I do plan to see my dentist about it in the near future.

For the stiffness in my neck muscles, perhaps the easy explanation is the awkward way I’ve been positioning my body in the wake of the tailbone injury. But the fact that indigo was the dominant color ray in the spectrum feeding the muscles (which should be red), my stiff neck was also another hint that I need better structure. While there are always multiple factors contributing to any issue, the results of a color-ray test give you information that can lead to actions that can make a real difference in your health.

Color-ray testing and the answers you get can be very personal. The results may simply confirm what you already sense and know about yourself, but they bring it right to your attention so that you can take action.

When I was finished color-ray testing and Spectrum Balancing my tailbone, I checked my heart. After years of significant heart issues, I always like to see how it’s doing. When green comes in and I’m feeling well, it’s a sign that my heart is well too. I give it more green because that’s the color that vitalizes the heart muscle, as well as the heart chakra. If you do color-ray testing there may be one particular issue or condition that you like to keep regular tabs of, too. A shift in the colors that regularly feed it can be a signal that it needs some extra care.

I’m always looking for the lessons behind my experiences because I believe learning them enables us to grow and move forward in our lives. Finding out which color rays are most involved in any situation helps me define the underlying why that I look for. It doesn’t necessarily give overt answers, but enough hints and details that I can usually fill in the rest with what I know about the color rays, plus some self-reflection and contemplation. This process of self-discovery has made my life meaningful and worth living to its fullest.

If you choose to work with color rays and the gemstones that carry them, you can discover their impact for yourself. I hope you’ll find joy in the process and new meaning in the experiences they bring you.