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“Just wanted to send a short note of appreciation for your work over the years in introducing gemstone energy medicine to the general public. Had you not made such an effort to train and provide a multi-dimensional perspective on one of nature’s most ingenious tools, many of us, myself included, would have totally dismissed gemstones as ornamental jewelry. Today, in contrast, I consider therapeutic gemstones as the most reliable complimentary tool available for those seeking self-actualization and self-realization as well as mental, emotional and physical well being. Now, in conjunction with your Energy Cleansing GEMFormulas, these priceless tools can transform our lives even faster!”
– A.M., Maryland, USA


GEMFormulas LLC, founded in July of 2009, is a small company with big dreams for introducing Gemstone Therapy to the world. We are dedicated to providing the latest information on therapeutic-quality gemstones.

Not only will you find top-quality therapeutic-grade gemstones here, but tons of free educational content so that you can learn how to get the most from your investment.

Our company motto is: To enjoy sharing gemstone therapy with others.

The Gemstone Therapy Institute provides information on Gemstone Therapy techniques and applications. Students can learn through home study, teleseminars, webinars, and workshops. Gemstone Therapy practitioner certification is offered upon successful completion of comprehensive criteria, which may take two or more years to fulfill.

Owner and Founder

Isabelle Morton

In the 1980’s, Isabelle pioneered gemstone sphere therapy and wrote her first book, “Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians,” authored under the name Ginny Katz and co-authored with Michael Katz. This book represents the information that founded the company that is now Gemisphere. Her research supported the company’s successful growth through the 1990’s and early 2000’s. However, she left the company at her divorce with Michael in 1992, and changed her name.

After a near-death experience in 2005, Isabelle realized she could no longer deny her gift–an innate affinity with healing gemstone energies and knowledge on how to apply Gemstone Therapy. In 2006, she returned to Gemisphere to contribute new information that allowed them to expand their line of therapeutic-quality gemstones. The business relationship finally ended in June, 2009.

In July 2009, Isabelle started her own business, GEMFormulas. The company distributes gemstone sphere jewelry of the highest standards and using the latest innovations in gemstone energy medicine. These include the use of aura sprays that have been infused with healing gemstone energies. Isabelle was given the technology to make these sprays using Gemstone Energy Field Imprint (GEFI) Technology.

Isabelle continues to expand the GEMFormulas line of 21st century products, add new videos to the GEMFormulas Library, as well as make Personal GEMFormulas and offer remote Diamond and Gemstone therapy sessions to clients. She is also the founder of the Gemstone Therapy Institute, which offers courses for the layperson, the health-care practitioner, and for those interested in Gemstone Therapy practitioner certification.

Isabelle is passionate about sharing the latest information on Gemstone Therapy. She lives with her husband, Bob, in Connecticut and has five children. Her favorite hobby is caring for and keeping company with a tank of lively freshwater fish.


The GEMFormulas Team

Ryan Morton began working with GEMFormulas shortly after the company’s inception in 2009 when he designed the very first EMR Clearing and Energy Clearing labels in their test phases. Ryan graduated from Quinnipiac University, and now, eighteen+ formulas later, Ryan serves as the company’s creative director, webmaster, senior product photographer, and graphic designer.

William “Bill” Young joined GEMFormulas in 2011, initially serving Isabelle directly to help bring her plans and products to life. As the company has expanded its product offerings and customers over the years, his role has grown to help meet these new needs. With a background in customer service and a degree in Communications from Quinnipiac University, he brings a unique skill set to the team and is always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience. His role in the company currently involves operations, customer service, production of gemstone jewelry and upgrades, as well as many other “behind-the-scenes” duties.

Karie-anne Everlith grew up with a rock hound for a father, so she has always been around rocks, fossils, and crystals. She has a background in office management and three years of prior experience in gem and diamond sales. She joined GEMFormulas in 2012 and serves as the Director of Events and Education. In addition to organizing GEMFormulas’ retreat and workshops, she uses her intuitive talents and knowledge of gemstones and jewelry as Isabelle’s primary assistant for buying and grading therapeutic gemstones.

George “Joe” Light is a graduate of Centre College of Kentucky (BA) and New York University (MBA). He has had extensive experience working in finance and sales for two large companies. He then set up and ran a European Bakery in a Westfarms Mall and satellite stores in Hartford and West Hartford for fifteen years. After selling his business, he spent the next 14 years as a business consultant traveling all over the United States and Canada. He started at GEMFormulas in 2011 as the administrator and bookkeeper and continues to operate and monitor most of its financial and administrative needs.

Brianna “Bri” Gosselin joined the GEMFormulas team in the Fall of 2016. Her primary duties are supporting the Customer Service and Jewelry Production departments through many behind-the-scenes responsibilities.  With a background in customer service she was well suited for the role and has grown to be an indispensable part of the GEMFormulas team. Although she does not identify a single favorite gemstone she works with a wide variety each day and continues to learn more through the Gemstone Therapy Institute.

Laura Nitsche joined the GEMFormulas team in the summer of 2018.  She has spent the past three decades concentrating on accounting/bookkeeping. She enjoys finding creative options to communicate and update operations to keep up with current technology.  Numbers are her passion.