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Oct 19 2017

Uplift Your Home with Crystal Clusters – New Stock Now Available!

By: Isabelle Morton

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We have just added several more Quartz Crystal Clusters to our online shop! Most of them are of a size perfect for a desk, bedroom, or meditation room, or small kitchen or office.

Many of them are sturdy enough to make perfect traveling companions.

As usual, they were chosen among hundreds. They have the ideal amount, size, length, population, and orientation of individual points.

Choose among 3A, 4A, and a few 5A pieces. We base our quality rating on clarity only, and not crystal point size. So for example, we have one 3A piece whose points are somewhat milky, but they are very thick—which is very rare.

4A clusters are mostly water clear. Most of our 4A clusters in this batch have medium-width points.

5A clusters are museum quality. The three we are offering are small—they can fit in your palm. Their points are flawless, but very thin. They’re also long. This means they broadcast the energies of gemstones placed upon them into the immediate area very quickly. These are perfect for the corner of your desk.