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Aug 04 2017

Crystals or Gemstones? Which is Better?

By: Isabelle Morton

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As you know, I take a different approach to crystal healing. I use gemstone spheres instead of raw crystals or polished pocket stones. There are THREE important reasons for this:


You’ll initially get results from crystals and pocket stones, but you’ll eventually outgrow them. The initial benefit comes because raw crystals and pocket stones do have healing energies. They can uplift your vibrations. However, the shape of raw crystals and the poor quality of most pocket stones prevents them from lifting your vibrations as high as they can go with the help of the mineral kingdom. The higher your vibrations, the easier it is for your body to self heal.

While you may get initial results from raw crystals and pocket stones, you’ll eventually reach a wall with them. Their inclusions, blemishes, poor cut, cloudy clarity, and less-than-ideal color hold you back from receiving all you could from the stone. Nor are they the best tools for gemstone practitioners, who need reliable tools that can work consistently from one client to another.

To truly benefit from crystal healing, you need something that can continue to benefit you—forever. You need therapeutic gemstone spheres. These represent the pure essence of the crystal. Their power is not diluted by inclusions, blemishes, or rough edges that would block or interfere with the gemstone’s effects. They can support the raising of your vibrations as high as you are able to move them. The limitation is not within the stone. In fact, as long as you are wearing them, gemstone spheres can continue to support your movement to increasingly higher vibrations, and a greater capacity to self-heal.

When our cutters fashion a sphere from a raw crystal, they leave behind the non-therapeutic portions so that only the pure crystal remains. Likewise, when herbs are prepared, the fibrous, non-essential parts are also left behind. Gemstone spheres represent the true essence of the crystal.

When you use therapeutic-quality gemstone spheres, while your needs may change, you’ll always be able to get more benefit from them. They’ll always be able to take you one more step in your healing journey when you’re ready to take it. You’ll never outgrow gemstone spheres. This is because of the gemstones’ purity. 

Our practitioners all work with gemstones that have met a certain quality standards. This allows them to follow the same protocols with their clients because the tools are consistent. Given this consistency, we can suggest certain time guidelines, and distances from the body to apply them. Any variables are then due to the unique needs of the client, and not to significant variations in gemstone quality or shape.



Raw crystals and gemstone spheres move their energies differently. Raw crystals bring energy in one end and project it out the other. This is why raw crystals are so powerful. They emanate strongly. However, if your body says “Stop! That’s too much!” the crystal can’t accommodate. So your body shields itself from the crystal’s effects as best it can. This reduces the body’s ability to receive the crystal’s benefits. Crystal energy that goes where it isn’t wanted can cause imbalances. The body begins to distrust crystal energy.

In contrast, gemstone spheres radiate their healing energies in all directions. They work comprehensively—throughout your body and aura. If your body can’t handle the gemstone’s energies in a certain area, it simply redirects them elsewhere. A sphere’s energy is powerful but also gentle. Your body can moderate where the energies go and how much it wants to receive. Spheres are safe. They can also be worn all day long for ongoing support.

Furthermore, when your body has a say about where and how much gemstone energy to receive, it can go deeper into the work. Your body begins to trust the gemstones and reveals a greater truth about its health.

Of course, the proficiency of the practitioner plays a role. A good crystal healer knows when to remove the stones to prevent their energies from building up in any one area. However, even beginners can safely apply gemstone spheres.


Good health requires a strong, whole, and undamaged energy field around your body. It protects you, keeps you feeling strong and energetic, and maintains the flow of life-giving energy throughout your body.

When it is healthy, your body’s magnetic field is shaped like a torus, which looks somewhat like a doughnut. The Earth’s magnetic field also looks like a torus. Your heart’s magnetic field is also shaped that way. So are drilled gemstone spheres, such as those strung into a necklace.

When you wear gemstone spheres, their toroid-shaped field strengthens yours. The gems also connect you with the Earth’s toroid field. This is yet another source of strength, which can also support your better health. The stronger your field, the more engaged and effective your own healing energies can be. Raw crystals and pocket stones do not offer this benefit.


I invite you to see this difference for yourself. Hold a crystal in one hand, hold a therapeutic gemstone sphere necklace in the other. Hold both hands in front of you at an equal distance from your body.

The crystal’s energy may indeed feel more intense. Wait a minute or two. Close your eyes and notice how your body feels. Which hand draws toward you? Most likely, it will be the one holding the spheres.