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Apr 30 2018

How Diamond Master Points Heal the Whole-Being

By: Isabelle Morton

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Practitioners who work with Therapy Diamonds are able to work with clients in ways they may have never thought possible. Primarily, this is due to the remarkable benefits of the Diamonds themselves. It’s also because of master points.

Master points are special points on and near the body that become functional in the presence of a Therapy Diamond.

The four master points located on the body give a practitioner direct access to the chakra system as a whole, the internal organs, and the aura. Two in particular help regulate a person’s ability to receive and let go.

The four off-body master points allow a practitioner to access a client’s timeline, both past and future; heaven and earth energies and their relationship; and masculine and feminine energies, and their relationship with one another.

Diamond’s Key Benefits
To appreciate the potential of the master points, let’s review the key benefits of Therapy Diamond application.

  1. Color ray nourishment with a full, complete, and balanced spectrum of color.
  2. Blueprint awakening. This means awakening the body to its blueprints and also wakening blueprints that may have been ignored so long they have drifted to the background.
  3. The ability to promote a state of greater coherence, cooperation, and communication. We call this state liquidity, and it helps the body better receive its blueprint information.
  4. The ability to move rhythmically between a state of matter and energy. In the energy state, blueprint information is received; in the matter state it is manifested and implemented. We call this scintillation, and it improves flexibility.
  5. Improved alignment between the body and its blueprints, the body and its energy field, and the body with itself.

Any of a Diamond’s key benefits can be singled out and targeted to any master point, depending on how you apply the Diamond to that point. I’ll give you several examples. More are provided – along with specifics of how to obtain these results – in our Diamond Level 1 Online Training.

  • You can provide full-spectrum nourishment to the internal organs, which may have become depleted through overwork, and excessive stress.
  • Or maybe it’s the chakras that need this nourishment, since the depletion seems to be manifested in a person’s inability to interact with life and express themselves, rather than physical health issues.
  • You can apply the Therapy Diamond at certain master points to evaluate how well masculine and feminine energies are balanced within clients who are having difficulty with their relationships. Then use the Diamond to correct the imbalance to improve their relationship.
  • You can evaluate and correct how well a person is dealing with the past, to let go emotions, concepts, and memories of past events, so that true resolution can occur.
  • You can use the Diamond like a portal, to help a person draw upon past knowledge, experiences, strengths, and resources to support forward momentum in the present. To improve the client’s ability to accept the lessons learned from past experiences and retrieve the wisdom gained. Plus, release gripping experiences and find a more harmonious agreement with them.
  • You can apply the Diamond to help clear obstructions in a client’s path to their future, calibrate the future with past and present, to prepare the client for what lies ahead, and also give a client a glimpse of what that future might be. To help a client dip back and forth between past and present to improve memory recall.
  • A Therapy Diamond at certain master points also repairs and expands a person’s toroid field. This can lead to an expanded awareness, often conscious, of one’s true thoughts and feelings, as well as one’s inner-world reality.
  • You can help your client develop a more harmonious relationship with their subtle bodies. This can include a wider, broader understanding of divine source and one’s place in the universe. The Diamond can teach the body how to access heaven and earth energy, or reach into the awareness of a higher perspective when needed, and open flows of creativity and divinity.
  • Another master point / diamond orientation can help your client repair weaknesses in their relationship with the Earth, renewing the channels through which the body releases unwanted energies and receives life-giving frequencies back from the Earth. You can help attune your client’s body to the Earth. So, as the Earth’s spectrum changes due to, say, increased electromagnetic radiation or a new mixture of atmospheric gases, the client’s body can more easily adapt.

These are just a sampling of the benefits you can provide your clients. They are implemented with the skills and procedures you can learn in our Level 1 training. This training is now provided online in our Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner Certification Course.

I invite you to join me in this course, and become the graduating class of Spring, 2019!

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