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Diamond Therapy FAQ

Diamond Therapy FAQ

Are all diamonds therapeutic?

For this question, I have a short answer, and a long answer.

Short answer:
No, unfortunately not. All diamonds are not therapeutic.

Longer answer:
Only a very small percentage of diamonds meet our criteria for therapeutic value.

We define a therapeutic diamond as one that meets certain physical and energetic criteria.  The physical criteria are well known throughout the diamond industry. They are based on standards designed by the Gemological Institute of America, also known as the GIA.  The physical standards are based on the 4 C’s, which you may have heard of. They are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.


How do you know GEMFormulas’ diamonds are therapeutic?

Because I’ve been gifted with the ability to see the colors that therapeutic-quality diamonds carry. I don’t instantly see them, like you can see the color of the clothes you’re wearing. I have to move into a relaxed state and shift my attention and focus in a certain way. When that happens, the colors become visible.

After I’ve seen the colors, I then do a series of other tests. These tests confirm that the color spectrum is complete and that the diamond is able to share its colors in a therapeutic way.

How does Diamond Therapy compare or interact with Gemstone Therapy?

Rarely do I give sessions in which I apply only Therapy Diamonds. Most of the time, I use both therapeutic diamonds and gemstones. Each does something different.

7-color-ray diamonds help to awaken the inherent blueprints of optimal health and function. These blueprints guide your body’s ability to heal and maintain its health.

Once the blueprint for healing comes forward, people often need the nourishment that only the gemstones can give. The healing energies of gemstones are deeply nourishing. They help the body make the changes that the blueprints suggest.

In my practice, I find that the combination of both modalities is an ideal way to support my clients. I also teach student practitioners to learn how to select the Diamond or Gemstone Therapy techniques and tools that their clients require in the moment.

Does a lower color grade mean that the Diamond has less power?

In the diamond industry, color is rated D through Z for diamonds in the natural color range. D-colored diamonds are essentially colorless. Z-colored diamonds have an unmistakable color, usually yellow, gray, or brown. We have sold Diamonds in the O-P and TUV range that had a beautiful pale yellow color, yet energetically, they carried the seven color rays.

A diamond’s physical color is due to chemical or structural impurities. Diamonds become yellow when nitrogen atoms get caught in the diamond’s carbon matrix. Boron atoms make a diamond blue. The purer its carbon matrix, the stronger a Therapy Diamond will work. That being said, many people find that Diamonds of pure color in the D-G range are too strong. They prefer a lower color because of the gentle nature of such diamonds.

So, a lower color doesn’t necessarily mean the diamond is less powerful. For some people, gentler is better, and therefore more powerful. The purer the color, the more blunt, straightforward, and let’s-get-down-to-work the stone’s effects.

Does Diamond have a symbiotic gem?

A symbiotic gemstone supports, strengthens, and enhances the work of the primary gemstone. Therapy Diamonds are the ultimate symbiotic stone. They can enhance the work of all gemstones.

How can I benefit if I am not ready to purchase a Therapy Diamond yet?

Our Diamond Sprays are the answer for those who are not yet ready or unable to purchase a Therapy Diamond.  The sprays awaken the blueprints, just like a Therapy Diamond does.

But with sprays, the effect lasts a short period of time. If you applied a Diamond, the blueprints’ wakeup-call lasts for as long as the Diamond is applied.  The spray is like a brief reminder. It stimulates the blueprints, but only for as long as the mist remains. This gentle nudge can be enough, especially if the spray is applied often and regularly.

You can also schedule a therapy session with any of our Certified Gemstone and Diamond Therapy practitioners! https://gemformulas.com/gemstone-therapy-institute/practitioner-directory/

What about inclusions in a diamond? Doesn’t a diamond have to be a pure stone to work? Can inclusions be a problem?

First, let me say that the ability of a diamond to carry color rays is an energetic property.  It’s a separate property of diamond. Therefore, Diamonds of any clarity or color can have this energetic property.

I once saw a 13 carat diamond that was rated  I-4 clarity. It was heavily included, but clearly a seven color ray bearer. It had so many inclusions you could see them from a distance. However, it was not therapeutic because of its very low clarity.

We sell only Diamonds that have an acceptable number, amount, type, and location of inclusions. We have found one or two flawless 7-color-ray bearing Diamonds, but these are exceedingly rare. And therefore very expensive.

We do prefer to find Diamonds that have a clarity rating of VVS or VS, which stands for very very slightly included and very slightly included.  However, stones rated SI, or slightly included, are acceptable therapeutically and are far more affordable.  We try to offer a variety for our customers to choose from.

If there is a Diamond for every person then shouldn’t I wait for the perfect one?

Choosing a Therapy Diamond is a bit like finding a life partner. You may not find one that’s 100% perfect, but you’ll feel a clear compatibility. Furthermore, your relationship will grow over time.

How do people choose a Therapy Diamond?

We offer a personal concierge service. This involves a phone consultation with a trained Diamond professional. She will explain the Diamonds we have in stock, and help you connect with each one energetically until you find the one you want.

For some people, their Diamond calls to them. They know it when they feel it. Others choose based on certain physical quality parameters. They want a very high clarity or color rating, or both. Often intuition and inner guidance plays a big role.

The shortest diamond concierge session we’ve had so far lasted about ten minutes. The customer had already connected with the size and feeling of her Diamond and she found it right away. Others require two or three or more sessions.

What happens if I don’t find a Diamond during my first concierge session?

If you don’t find your Diamond on your first try, you are welcome to request the return of your deposit. Or, you can keep your deposit with us and stay at the top of the waiting list. Then you’ll get first choice of new Diamonds when we find them.

Can a person have more than one Diamond meant for them?

Yes. There may be several that you are attracted to. If this is the case, make your decision based on budget, your preferred diamond color and clarity parameters, and the size of the diamond. The larger the stone, the easier it will be to handle. When you apply Diamond Therapy either to yourself or someone else, you’ll be handling the diamond most of the time.

You will need two Diamonds to complete the Diamond Therapy level 2 certification. Advanced levels do not require the purchase of additional Diamonds.

Will I need different size Therapy Diamonds to work on different people?

You’ll be able to apply the Diamond that you choose, on anyone who wants to experience it.  In the Diamond 110 workshop, you’ll learn how to use your Diamond in ways that will be beneficial for everyone.

We call this moderating the Diamond. Using these techniques, the practitioner can safely apply a Therapy Diamond of any size, even relatively large ones .7 carat and up.  Also, it means learning how to use a smaller diamond, say 1/3 carat, to best advantage.

What exactly does it do? Why do I need it? Does this mean I don’t need everything else if diamond works so well?

Therapy Diamonds awaken and clear your inherent blueprints of health and healing. They also help your body in various ways to receive the blueprint information. Working with a diamond alone can be very beneficial in many ways.

But eventually you’ll find that your body needs help to follow the blueprint instructions. It needs nourishment to make the changes that your blueprints guide you to make. This is where gemstones come in. Wearing the gemstones that you are attracted to, that your body is calling for, provides the nourishment, strength, and resilience to take the steps you want to take.

Further Questions?

We welcome you to send your questions about diamonds, Therapy Diamonds, and Diamond Therapy.