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Apr 10 2018

Diamond Therapy Versus Gemstone Therapy: How to Choose?

By: Isabelle Morton

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Ideally, an energy medicine practice would incorporate both Therapeutic Diamonds and Gemstones in some way. Diamonds access the Blueprints of optimal health and function; gemstones help the body make the changes the Blueprints propose.

Diamond Therapy and Gemstone Therapy are two separate healing modalities. We offer multi-year certification tracks for each. While Diamonds are also Gemstones, they are so unique and special, they deserve a study of their own.

Where to Start?

New students have a choice:

• They can begin their study with the online Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner certification course, which is offered three times a year. (Classes starting June 1st: Click here to learn more)

• Or they can study Gemstone Therapy in live 3-day workshop that we customize for private groups, anywhere in the world. (If you are interested in a workshop in your area, contact us at or 1-860-646-3063)

To help you make a decision, we’ve prepared a comparison of the two modalities. The ultimate factors are: which modality is best for you personally, and which would be best for your clients? The first question can only be answered by inner reflection. The second may depend on your style and type of practice.

Left: A custom gemstone mandala often used in Gemstone Therapy. Right: Applying a Therapy Diamond held in the fingers.

Gemstone Therapy is the art and science of applying gemstones to the body and aura to fill energetic needs and deficiencies. Gemstone frequencies nourish, clear, harmonize, and balance. Gemstones help you make the changes that your Blueprints know is best.

Diamond Therapy reconnects you with your inherent Blueprints, which guide your self-healing journey toward optimal health and wellness. Therapy Diamonds can be used to evaluate as well as correct. They can help you take control of every aspect of your life, from your cells and organs to your emotions, thoughts, and awareness.

Similarities and Differences

Diamond Therapy and Gemstone Therapy are two distinct healing modalities. Both employ top-quality natural tools provided by the Earth. Both are complementary alternative healing methods that address the underlying energetic causes and contributing factors of illness and lack of wellness. Both modalities are based upon the principle that the body knows how to heal itself, and, given the proper resources, it will do so.

Both can be used either by the layperson for self-healing support, or by professionals in a healing arts practice.

Since Diamonds are a type of gemstone, you’d think there would be more similarities among their application methods. The two modalities are distinctly different.

Shape and Number

The most obvious difference between Gemstone and Diamond Therapy is the shape and number of therapy tools required to perform each modality.

Gemstone Therapy practitioners require a collection of crystal spheres. A Gemstone Therapy Level One Associate Practitioner typically starts with a gemstone pharmacy consisting of about seven to twelve necklaces or bracelets, plus collections of eight individual gemstone spheres used to make gemstone mandalas.

To apply Diamond Therapy, you need one or two faceted, round brilliant cut, natural diamonds that have been specially selected for their healing properties. Certified Associate Practitioners are proficient using one Therapy Diamond. Fully certified Diamond Therapy Practitioners are skillful using two.

Underlying Purpose

Gemstone Therapy is the art and science of applying gemstones to the body and aura to fill energetic needs and deficiencies, which are typically the root of ill health and unhappiness. Gemstone frequencies nourish, clear, harmonize, and balance.

The purpose of Diamond Therapy is to reconnect people with their inherent Blueprints, which guide the body’s ability to heal. Therapy Diamonds wake up the Blueprints, strengthen the body’s connection with them, and clear what stands in their way. Therapy Diamonds work in various ways to help the body receive its Blueprint information and act upon it. When its Blueprint information is readily available, the body has a map to follow so self-healing can take place.

Gemstone Therapy provides healing frequencies,
and Diamond Therapy brings forward information that lies within.
The body then compares this information with its present state,
and uses the information as a guide for healing.

Daily Support

Necklaces and therapy strands used for Gemstone Therapy can be worn all day long for personal healing support as well as utilized during sessions. Therapy Diamonds cannot be worn on the body, unless they are mounted in a ring. A Therapy Diamond mounted in a ring can give you Diamond support all day long, but severely limits what the Diamond is capable of doing as a therapeutic tool.

Spending a few minutes with your loose, unmounted Therapy Diamond once or twice a day, perhaps before bed, can improve your Blueprint connection, and help your body receive its Blueprint information.

Self-Therapy Application

In self-therapy, both Gemstone and Diamond Therapies can be applied very simply.

You wear gemstones as jewelry, to allow their energies to radiate throughout your body and aura. Their presence supports and nourishes you the entire time you wear them.

Diamond self-therapy requires a degree of attentiveness. At the very least, you remove the Therapy Diamond from its container and hold it or place it beside you. The presence of the Diamond within your energy field gently awakens, uplifts, and clarifies your Blueprints. Because the Diamond is small and precious, you have to remember to put it away when you’re done.

More intensive and focused applications are taught in the Levels 1 and 2 trainings.

Apparent Activity During Application

The essential purpose of Diamond Therapy and Gemstone Therapy are similar—both work with the energies associated with issues and conditions. However, their application differs.

During a Gemstone Therapy session, the practitioner actively applies gemstones to the client’s aura or places them on his body, using various procedures and techniques. To an observer, the practitioner appears to be doing something most of the time: gathering and placing gemstones on the body, building a custom gemstone mandala, or applying the gems in the aura following the body’s own energy flows.

In contrast, during a Diamond Therapy session, the practitioner may do comparatively little outwardly. Most of a session could consist of quietly holding the Therapy Diamond at certain key points. This is a boon for aging practitioners or those who have limited mobility. They can give deeply meaningful sessions even while they remain seated.

Yet both Diamond and Gemstone Therapy practitioners are trained to focus actively and alertly on the inner work that the gems’ energies facilitate. This requires mental discipline that comes with practice. Both types of practitioners pay attention to and learn to describe the energetic shifts that occur throughout the session.

More Similarities

Both modalities are permission-based, and are applied with the highest of ethics. Practitioners begin only after obtaining permission from the client and the client’s highest intelligence, and during the session from the intelligence centers of whatever organ or area they are about to work on.

While a client can be over-treated with either of these modalities by inexperienced practitioners, certified Diamond and Gemstone Therapy practitioners are trained to keep the session in balance. They are also proficient in the art of integration so that clients always leave feeling alert, centered, and fully present in their body. When properly integrated, the effects of the session are well ingrained, for lasting results.

Powerful Tools

Therapy Diamonds and Gemstones are powerful tools for initiating and supporting positive changes in a person’s body, being, and life.

Gemstone Therapy is a safe modality for anyone. You can’t hurt a person when you apply gemstone spheres. If you apply them incorrectly, your effectiveness will suffer—not the client. On the other hand, Diamonds can be misused and they require training to handle correctly.

For example, both Therapeutic Diamonds and gemstones collect unwanted energy during use and require cleansing. When a Diamond is used incorrectly this energy will be transported to the next person who uses the Diamond.

In contrast, when unwanted energies collect on a necklace of crystal spheres, the spheres simply get clouded. They lose their ability to radiate their healing energies, but the transfer of these energies to the next wearer will be minimal.

Integration Into Other Modalities

Both Diamond Therapy and Gemstone Therapy can be integrated into other healing modalities. While any practitioner can wear a therapeutic gemstone necklace for the support it can provide both practitioner and/or patient, to employ Gemstone Therapy procedures requires some modification of the practitioner’s routine.

With Diamond Therapy, nothing about the practitioner’s routine has to change. Simply placing a Therapy Diamond within the session space brightens the Blueprints of both practitioner and patient, to uplift the session and enhance the healing potential of whatever modality is employed.

Working with Therapy Diamonds is a game changer. Once you learn how to use them, your life and your healing arts practice will never be the same. As Diamonds help your clients connect to their blueprints of optimal health, you are able to witness true self-healing.

“What I find in my practice, and I do cranial sacral work and karma resolution work, is that, when I work with the diamond energy, people settle in a very deep and profound way…It’s a feeling of depth, truth, presence, and incredible nourishment that brings safety, trust, and real upliftment.” L.L.

Diamond and Gemstone Therapies Are Mutually Supportive

Those who start by wearing therapeutic gemstone necklaces are often attracted to Diamond Therapy. It is easy to incorporate a Therapy Diamond into a self-healing routine and into the protocols of Gemstone Therapy sessions.

Those who are originally attracted to Diamond Therapy may become interested in adding therapeutic gemstones to their lifestyle and practice. While the Diamonds call forth the blueprints, the gemstones provide essential energetic nourishment to help the body make the changes the blueprints call for.


The cost of building a well-stocked pharmacy of healing gemstone necklaces can exceed the investment in a single large Therapy Diamond. Such a pharmacy may cost the Gemstone Therapy Associate Practitioner around twelve to fifteen thousand dollars. Those who are interested in Gemstone Therapy have the choice of specializing in custom gemandalas, which requires a substantial collection of single gemstone spheres, as well as certain basic necklaces. This is a more affordable option.

You can purchase a small Therapy Diamond for well under the price of many gemstone necklaces. (Diamond prices usually start around $1000 to $1500.) Expect to pay around five to twelve thousand or more for a Diamond that is large enough to hold relatively easily.

An Easy First Step

Add a gemstone necklace to your personal pharmacy of therapy tools. See for yourself the support you can get from spherical crystals. With proper cleansing these gems can be your co-workers in health for the rest of your life.

Add a Therapy Diamond to your self-therapy routine. Study on your own with the Diamond Therapy 101 Video Home Study Course that comes to you free with your Diamond purchase. Or dive in with the Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner Certification program adventure of a lifetime!

Both Therapeutic Diamonds and Gemstones can help you take a giant leap forward on your journey to greater health!