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Oct 01 2018

10 Signs You’re Disconnected from Your Blueprints of Health & What You Can Do About It

By: Isabelle Morton

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To overcome distraction and stay on track, daily life requires that we look for direction. Our cells need information about how to function, and we need guidance to ensure that we are headed in the direction we want to go.

Your blueprints of optimal health are one of the greatest assets you have. They are an expression of your highest self—the part of you that knows what you need and where you’re going in life. With your best interest in mind, they guide all levels of your body and being.

By providing a template of the ideal, your blueprints encourage all parts of you to make the best possible decisions and to function in the best possible way.

10 Signs You’re Disconnected From Your Blueprints

When you become disconnected from your blueprints, you may notice the impact in various ways. Here are ten signs that strongly suggest that you’ve drifted from your blueprint connection. They are presented in no particular order of importance.

See how many of the following indicators apply to you. Give yourself a point for each sign you can relate to.

1.  Issues, conditions, or injuries won’t heal, heal slowly or incorrectly, or heal initially and then recur. These all suggest that the area involved has lost contact with its blueprints.

2.  You have difficulty making decisions, especially when you feel as though you’ve made the wrong choices in the past and regret them. You may also feel indecisive because you aren’t clear about what you want or where you’re headed in life—so even the most minute or insignificant decisions can be painful.

3.  You routinely ignore your body’s signals and cries for help, especially when it asks for rest and replenishment. Many of us simply don’t take care of ourselves sufficiently. We often give too much of ourselves without allowing ourselves to receive in return in order to stay balanced.

4.  You find yourself slipping back into old negative habits and unhealthy patterns. The willpower to stay on track requires too much effort, and you just don’t have the energy to continue making healthier choices.

5.  You’re stuck in a state of sluggishness, with little or no motivation to get out. Sluggishness can be like a sticky trap. The energy simply isn’t there to do anything else but sit around and do nothing.

6.  You can be stubborn in your beliefs and unaware of being intolerant of others. Even your partner tells you you’re incorrigible, but you think he or she is just being cranky. Because you may feel personally attacked and become defensive, this can be the toughest one to recognize about yourself.

7.  You’re quick to anger or easily jealous. Usually we have a good reason to express negative emotions. Our feelings are always justified, and the temptation to voice them is too real, even when we regret them afterward.

8.  You have a sense of being trapped in excessive negativity. You feel like a prisoner of both your external and internal circumstances, as your mind won’t stop hounding you with negative thoughts or presenting negative images to your mind’s eye.

9.  You feel lost, as though you’ve forgotten your inner compass and where you want to go. Your days seem to repeat themselves joylessly, and you see no way to make a change.

10.  You have the tendency to make the same mistakes, then feel guilty or remorseful and repeat them again. You feel a huge disconnect between what you think and feel and the actions you take.

How many points did you collect? If you counted three or more, keep reading to learn what you can do next to help reconnect with your blueprints.

What Happens Next? 

Trouble comes when we veer away from our blueprint truth. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including poor health, emotional turmoil, mental and creative blocks, a loss of intuition, or crises that come from making poor choices.

As you lose touch with your blueprints, you can grow more depleted, which brings more ill health, which leads to more negative, self-destructive tendencies. You’ve probably noticed this pattern but didn’t realize the cause.

It’s a challenging cycle, because it’s difficult to restore good health without the guidance of your blueprints. 

The more connected you are with your blueprints, the less likely you’ll be to choose destructive or depleting experiences. Our blueprints remind us that we can heal, that we’re meant to be healthy and feel good.

So what can we do? How can we help ourselves get back in touch with our inherent blueprints?

Reconnect With Your Blueprints of Optimal Health

If you’re experiencing signs that you’ve lost touch with your blueprints, you’re likely suffering in one way or another. Maybe you’re not living the life you imagined for yourself or aren’t the person you wish you could be.

Here are five ways to reconnect with your blueprints and get back on the path to becoming your best self:

1.  To reconnect with your blueprints, you first have to want to change, exceed your personal best, heal, surpass your limitations, or achieve an ambitious goal.

Awakening the blueprints and reestablishing a connection with them starts with your desire. You have to find that part of you that says, I want to grow. I want to get better. I want to be my true self.

Tune in to your heart and imagine lighting a small spark of desire to be a better person, to reconnect with your blueprint truth. Kindle that desire with gratitude for the life you already have.

2.  Be willing to look for guidance and inspiration from a new perspective within you—one that leads you down a different course of action from the one you’ve been following so far.

The universe responds to the desire for improvement that you’ve put forth in step one by providing you with this inspiration. You’ll get an idea to look to your heart or mind in a new and different way.

You may start working with a spiritual guide or feel the presence of a guardian angel. When you find a new source of answers and motivation, you’ll start to move forward down a different path.

3.  Agree to be brave and to trust the process. It takes courage to take a different turn, try something new, and veer outside your same old routine.

Getting out of your comfort zone may be challenging, but it will help move you in the right direction. One or two positive results will empower you to continue, to listen more, and to pay deeper attention.

Your blueprints will gracefully but persistently nudge you to try new things. Remember, this calling is of your own Highest Self. It knows what you truly need and encourages you with your best interest in mind.

Pay attention, as the results will better you.

4.  Find ways to lift your vibrations. Every living thing has a vibration that reflects the life energy moving through it. Your organs and cells will listen more easily and clearly to their blueprints when their energies are uplifted in some way.

These activities begin the process of reconnecting with the blueprints—or strengthening that connection—to support health and wellness:

  • Do something you really enjoy doing that allows you to outflow. Wearing healing gemstones is easy and supports that upliftment all day long.
  • Do something kind for someone else, without thought of a thank you or reward. Find a way to give service with an open heart.
  • Send your body love. One of the easiest ways to uplift your organs and cells so they can remember their blueprints is to send love to a part of your body or to yourself as a whole. This has a real effect. Numerous studies have proved that love measurably improves health.

 5.  Learn how to work with a 7-color-ray Therapy Diamond. It can give you almost immediately what might otherwise take a tremendous amount of focused creative visualization.

Therapy Diamonds awaken blueprints, clear the unwanted energies that block their information and guidance, and help your body to accept its blueprint information.

Seven-color-ray Diamonds also nourish your body with life-giving color rays, so that you’ll have the strength and stamina to follow through on your blueprints’ guidance.

Following your blueprints won’t guarantee perfect health, but they will show you how to meet every situation in your life with the utmost grace, gratitude, patience, and perseverance so that you can learn the lessons involved and better appreciate the blessings presented.

Blueprints give us a glimpse of life beyond our limitations. When they direct healing energies toward us, they inspire us to look for help in new ways or locations. Sometimes, this is the motivation we need to get better.

If you’ve drifted away from your blueprints, now is the time to reconnect. No matter how you view them, you need your blueprints. They are your body’s instruction manual, your inner compass, your north star. They guide you on your life’s path, teach your body how to achieve optimal health, and can steer you clear of danger—but only if you’re connected with them.


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