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Feb 15 2019

Discover the Gemstone Therapy Institute Student Journey

By: Isabelle Morton

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With the recent addition of our new color-ray courses and GEM 101 online course, I thought it would be a good time to share an overview of the Gemstone Therapy Institute student journey and how these new courses fit in.

Start your studies with:

Color Ray 105 “Spectrum Balancing the Body”

Develop the skills of color-ray testing and Spectrum Balancing using color-ray gemstones and aura sprays. You’ll learn to chart your results and evaluate the primary, secondary, and limiting rays.

After you learn to locate and test specific areas of the body, you’ll want to start testing life issues. Your next step is:

Color Ray 106 “Spectrum Balancing Life Issues”

Learn how to use Spectrum BalancingTM for non-local issues, such as those that involve career, finance, addictions, and trauma to name a few. You’ll learn how to measure spectrums and take the first steps to analyzing them.

Color Ray 107 “Main Color-Ray Testing”

It seems everyone wants to know their main color ray. It’s the single most important color in your life as it bridges you with your highest intelligence and your blueprint truth. Learn to test the main color-ray of yourself and others, verify its identity, explain the main ray journey, and identify situations when testing may be inconclusive. You’ll also be able to help others find the best solution for working with their main color-ray.


Gemstone Therapy 101 “Foundation Training”

GEM 101 can follow the color-ray courses or serve as a starting point for beginner students. Learn to give safe and meaningful Gemstone Therapy sessions to yourself and others using medicinal-grade gemstones to initiate and support the body’s innate healing processes. You’ll learn five protocols that involve clearing, balancing, and nourishing the body’s energies in order to support self-healing, and an effective session structure that allows for a graceful beginning, middle, and end.

Complete the curricula to earn Gemstone Therapy Associate Practitioner Certification.

Gemstone Therapy 210 “Practitioner 1”

Learn, practice, and experience four of the eight Level 2 protocols in a live 4-day in-person workshop. Become proficient in applying gemstones for local areas, life issues, the 20 body systems, and advanced ways to clear unwanted energy from the body, aura, and all seven levels of manifestation.

Gemstone Therapy 220 “Practitioner 2”

Learn, practice, and experience the other four of the eight Level 2 protocols in a live 5-day in-person workshop. Become proficient in Belief Renewal, Chakra Analysis and Correction, Color-ray Protocols, and Gemstone Therapy for Relationships. Gather the skills and techniques you’ve learned so far to dive into the advanced practice of color.

Compete the 2-year curricula to earn full Gemstone Therapy Practitioner certification.

Gemstone Therapy 300 “Remote Gemstone Therapy”

Learn how to deliver Gemstone Therapy remotely to people around the world, so you can grow your business, earn more money, and make a bigger impact. Classes are held in a series of online workshops.

Gemstone Therapy 400 “Advanced Practitioner Certification”

Learn the advanced, cutting-edge secrets of gemstone technology so you can join an elite group of experts who are bringing this work to the world in its fullest potential.

Complete the curricula to earn Gemstone Therapy Advanced Practitioner certification.

Gemstone Therapy 500 “Gemstone Therapy Masters’ Program”

Choose a niche that you want to serve in the deepest possible way, research that niche and develop new protocols for other practitioners to treat that population more effectively. Develop your specialty, bring new thought leadership to the field, and make a deeper impact. Includes home study and research.

Complete the curricula to earn Gemstone Therapy Master Practitioner certification.

Diamond Therapy Level 1

Discover your blueprint potential through the study, practice, and self-exploration outlined in this 10-month course that teaches how to apply a single Therapy Diamond. Earn Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner certification upon completion. You can start Diamond training at any point on your student journey.

Diamond Therapy Level 2

This two-year program invites you to explore the deeper potential of Diamond Therapy using two 7-color-ray Diamonds. Complete the curriculum to earn your credentials as a Diamond Therapy Practitioner.

Diamond Therapy works with the spectrum as a whole; Gemstone Therapy Color-Ray Healing works with the individual colors in the spectrum.