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Jan 25 2019

The Energetic Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic System

By: Isabelle Morton

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All of the body’s energetic systems are important, and the lymphatic system is no exception. It plays a key role both physically and energetically in keeping us healthy.

Physically, the lymphatic system has several functions. It transports digested fats and certain proteins, enzymes, and hormones to the bloodstream. In addition, to help protect the body, the lymph nodes filter out micro-organisms and certain toxins from lymphatic fluid and manufacture lymphocytes and antibodies that support immunity.

The primary function of the lymphatic system is purification. Lymph ducts collect wastes that have been discarded by the cells. Then, these wastes are transported through a body-wide network of lymphatic vessels to the bloodstream, where they’re filtered out by the liver.

What people might not realize is that this intake is not a one-way street. An energetic exchange takes place. It’s a cycle like a water wheel, where one half of the wheel lies below the surface of the water, denoting the physical lymph ducts, and the other half in the air corresponds to life-giving energies exuded by the lymph vessels themselves.

Although I’m trying to distinguish between the physical and energetic functions of the lymphatic system, the truth is, they work simultaneously at all levels of your being. This is true of the body’s other energetic systems as well.

When you are challenged by outside forces at any level, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, your energetic lymphatic system comes to your aid. By imbuing white light into the dark, lifeless areas of your body and being, it helps lift and purify your vibrations. Unwanted energies, unable to handle the higher vibrations offered by the white light, lose their affinity with you and ultimately disperse. They either disappear or gradually bother you less and less until you can disengage and walk away.

While the lymphatic system is purifying and uplifting your vibrations, in a world where negativity and materiality deliver a strong downward pull, the net result is usually maintenance. When you are generally healthy, the lymphatic system works full time in your physical body as well as your emotional, memory, and mental bodies just to keep your vibrations at the status quo.

Vitalizing Gemstones for the Lymphatic System

Every system of the body can be vitalized and uplifted by the energies of certain healing gemstones. For the lymphatic system, these gemstones are White Beryl and Turquoise.

Both White Beryl and Turquoise purify and uplift, but White Beryl begins its work physically and Turquoise begins its work supraphysically. Both gems reach into the aura to expand their range of influence and easily ride upon each other’s currents.

White Beryl is a member of the family that includes Emerald, Aquamarine, and Morganite. White Beryl is colorless, but we call it “White” because it carries white light, which purifies and uplifts vibrations with extraordinary efficiency.

White Beryl is symbiotic for many gemstones, including each of the color-ray-bearing gemstones. The white light it carries helps the color rays reach the body and assists in dissolving blockages that can cause stress or discomfort if a color-ray necklace is worn alone.

The white light in White Beryl has an affinity with the lymphatic vessels. It is therefore eagerly received by the vessels and plays an important role in maintaining and improving lymphatic system health.

White Beryl is paired with Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine, which produced exceptionally high-quality material. Turquoise is a soft and porous gem. All but the highest-quality Turquoise crumbles when cut unless it is artificially stabilized. Many types of stabilizers are used, some of which make the gem feel like plastic and render it non-therapeutic.

Certain top-quality Turquoise is inherently harder and requires little or no stabilization, thereby retaining a high percentage of its therapeutic benefits.

Turquoise has a sponge-like quality that allows it to absorb an enormous amount of unwanted energy. In the aura, it pulls in the lowest vibrations. However, unlike a sponge, Turquoise doesn’t just hold these energies but also processes them. The elevated vibrational state helps ease the release of negative or unwanted energies, thus supporting the purification process. By the time incoming energies reach the center of the stone to then radiate outward again, they are changed, neutralized, and no longer a burden.

The Turquoise in a White Beryl & Turquoise necklace helps you avoid some of the uncomfortable side effects that may occur if you wear White Beryl alone. Energy stagnation, fluid retention, constipation, and cleansing reactions are less likely to occur with Turquoise strung in the necklace.

Both White Beryl and Turquoise have a significant impact on your vibrations, which exist throughout your entire being. Every one of your cells and organs vibrates with life. In general, the higher these vibrations, the healthier you will be. Likewise, lowered vibrations reflect stress, overwork, depletion, and disease. The white light that White Beryl carries naturally uplifts your vibrations, and the purifying effect of Turquoise helps to maintain them at that heightened level.

The white light uplifts the highest vibrations in the body first. This makes sense, because then these vitalized areas can lend strength and support to the less healthy areas. With this support, these less healthy areas can more readily accept the white light.

Benefits of Wearing White Beryl with Turquoise

 Wearing a formula of White Beryl with Turquoise can benefit you in many ways. By wearing this formula regularly, your overall vibrations will sing at a higher level, which can both strengthen your constitutional vitality and improve your well-being.

As the vitalizing formula for the lymphatic system, White Beryl & Turquoise helps vitalize the lymph vessels, which reach among the cells of all body tissues to uptake waste-filled fluid. These wastes are the result of cellular metabolism. They can also include toxins and pathogens.

White Beryl’s white light vitalizes and raises the vibrations of cellular fluid. When the lymph vessels take up this fluid it is called lymph, and it retains this new vitality, which then spreads throughout the lymphatic system. Turquoise lifts much of the burden of unwanted energies from these fluids, so they become less toxic and less of a burden to the immune system.

The more that White Beryl’s white light can enter the cells, the more waste the cells can release, and the more of this waste the lymph capillaries can take in and draw away. As a result, the cells become more purified and uplifted.

In addition to vitalizing the lymph vessels, wearing White Beryl & Turquoise can help restore lymphatic ducts, the tiny tubular ends of lymph vessels. White Beryl urges the restoration of ducts that may have retreated or shortened and are therefore not reaching the cells to pull out their wastewater. Meanwhile, Turquoise energy, with its inherent tendency to absorb, encourages the ducts to draw in the cellular fluids, thus reducing the chance for water retention, which tends to occur when White Beryl is used by itself.

When you wear this formula, you may notice that you feel more alert and focused. This is because when your vibrations are lifted, everything works better. You can think more clearly, enhance your creative flow, and be less prone to negative emotions. You are also freer to make decisions that let you step away from old, limiting patterns. Because these gemstones can help improve mental clarity, White Beryl & Turquoise is an excellent combination to wear on those occasions when you need to perform at your best.

Another benefit of this necklace is improved memory. When the vibrations of your causal aura are lifted, you have better access to those memories you’re searching for. They can also be retrieved more easily because of the white light’s clearing effect. White light naturally removes the energy accumulations that can hide or cloud these memories.

Although the lymphatic system is in a constant cycle of purification, it is essentially a process of maintenance, not enhancement. Yet wearing White Beryl & Turquoise to vitalize this system can raise your vibrations and purify your body and aura.

This ability to keep vibrations at a high level makes White Beryl & Turquoise an excellent tool for energy workers and health-care practitioners to wear during sessions. The gems enhance the flow of healing white light moving through the practitioners and, by virtue of this outflow, keep them protected from a client or patient’s unwanted energies. In addition, the gemstone energies in this formula help maintain a clear and inviting space for healing energies. The White Beryl & Turquoise necklace (or bracelet) is also a key tool for clearing unwanted energies during a Gemstone Therapy session, as well as for extracting negative energy anchors. When you feel weighed down by negativity, wearing White Beryl & Turquoise can help neutralize and disperse unwanted energies and brighten your mood.

Gemstones give you ongoing support for as long as they are worn. With the energies of White Beryl & Turquoise, you can essentially raise your vibrations, break through your own status quo, and enjoy a renewed sense of freedom and more purified state of health.


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