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Nov 19 2018

The Energetic Anatomy and Physiology of the Reproductive System

By: Isabelle Morton

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We all know the reproductive system for its most obvious function: procreation. Physically, the system consists of both internal and external organs, and while these organs differ between males and females, they are indeed responsible for pregnancy. They also provide hormones that are important for healthy living.

What most people don’t know is that the reproductive system serves an important energetic function as well. It is responsible for maintaining a balance between an individual’s masculine and feminine energies, which are highly creative in nature. This balance has nothing to do with gender or sexuality, but it is essential for creativity in all aspects of life, from problem-solving to artistic expression.

Another energetic function of the reproductive system is to maintain a balance of Heaven and Earth energies flowing through the body. These flows are essential for helping you feel as though you have enough energy to get things done and enjoy life.

The reason we all need to balance our masculine and feminine or Heaven and Earth energies may not be so evident on the whole-body level, since not everyone has children. But this balance is essential for the accurate replication of cells and molecules, as well as the accurate repetition of functions and processes that work. They also help the body decide when to cease functions and processes that are not working or contributing to better health.

Accurate and intelligent repetition is the essence of the reproductive system in the emotional, memory, mental, and intuitive aspects of a person as well. Patterns of emotional expression are chosen and perpetuated by the energetic reproductive system, as are habitual thoughts, memories, and actions. A healthy energetic reproductive system will inspire new and healthier emotional expression, an optimistic view of the present and future, and free, creative thinking.

If you don’t like the patterns that are repeating in yourself and in your life, and you want to enjoy a greater flow of creative energy and expression, it might be worth investing in gemstones that can support you in these areas.

Every system of the body can be vitalized and uplifted by the energies of certain healing gemstones. The vitalizing gemstones for the reproductive system are Pink Tourmaline and Green Tourmaline. Pink Tourmaline vitalizes feminine energies and helps them find harmony with masculine ones, while Green Tourmaline vitalizes masculine energies and helps them find harmony with feminine ones.


When worn as a necklace, Pink Tourmaline is paired with symbiotic White Tourmaline, which helps build matrix. Green Tourmaline is paired with symbiotic Tektite, a black gem created by the impact of a meteor hitting Earth. It brings super-physical power to any gemstone necklace it’s a part of.

When deciding which of these two necklaces to wear, you should choose the one you feel most attracted to wearing. This could be Green or Pink Tourmaline. Since we graduate the color of the Tourmaline, the necklaces offer a wide range of masculine or feminine energies. This makes them safe to wear, regardless of your gender.

Both of these formulas support harmony between your masculine and feminine energies. However, each necklace also provides its wearer with other unique benefits.

Wearing Pink Tourmaline & White Tourmaline can support your feminine strengths, increase your awareness of them, and help resolve issues and karma with your maternal ancestors. By strengthening your energetic boundaries, this formula can offer protection from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the negative and overwhelming energies of those around you. It works to contain your own energies while simultaneously deflecting others. Men may wear this necklace to better understand the feminine energies around them and within them.

For women, this necklace can help you find harmony with the masculine energies in your life, reconcile your own feminine and masculine energies, and feel more balanced during hormonal cycles. It also enhances your femininity within a safe and protected space. When Pink Tourmaline is graduated in color, it provides a spectrum of frequencies that a woman’s cells can select from as needed.

When you want to focus on strengthening your masculine energies, opt for Green Tourmaline & Tektite. This necklace can help resolve issues and karma with your paternal ancestors and supports the body’s ability to heal itself. Women may also wear it to find peace with the masculine energies around them and within them.

This necklace can help enhance masculinity and balance your masculine energies with your feminine ones. You can also wear Green Tourmaline & Tektite to strengthen and maximize the amount of life force flowing through you. For women, this formula can help you get to know, find harmony with, and bring forward your inherent masculinity.

The Green Tourmaline in our necklaces is graduated from dark green and bluish-green in the front, through emerald and olive greens to pale greens in the back. Some of the Green Tourmaline gems are dichroic, which means they’ll appear one color when looked at from one direction and another when seen from a different angle. Dichroism maximizes the range of Tourmaline color frequencies available in the necklace and accentuates its yin-yang or masculine-feminine balancing properties.

A variety of colors of Green Tourmaline in a necklace is beneficial because it provides a spectrum of Green Tourmaline frequencies. This wide range of energetic nourishment can support all facets of masculinity. A wearer’s energy field will pick and choose among these frequencies as needed in any given moment, whether it be to support strength or sensitivity.

No matter your gender, you can benefit from wearing either of these healing gemstone formulas. With the energies of Pink Tourmaline and Green Tourmaline, both formulas vitalize your reproductive system so you can feel better, be more productive, and reach your full potential.