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Nov 02 2018

What are Chakras and What Do They Do?

By: Isabelle Morton

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You’ve probably heard people talk about chakras. They’re often referred to as the “energy centers” of the body. But what exactly is a chakra and what does it do?

Why are chakras important and why should you care?

Chakras are considered energy centers because they are concentrations of our body’s energies. Energy pools wherever our attention goes, and the chakras represent key ways we interact with life. Think about it: when you’re newly in love and giving a lot of attention to a new relationship, don’t you feel that in your chest? That’s your heart chakra. It’s also where we feel the pain of love lost.

Ever have a lump in your throat when you can’t say what you want? You’re feeling a blockage in your throat chakra. When you get a gut sense about something, that’s your stomach chakra talking to you.

The throat, heart, and stomach are three of the seven chakras located on the body, all in the front. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, the brow chakra is at the center of the forehead, and the throat, heart, and stomach chakras are at the throat, upper chest, and stomach. The sacral chakra is centered in your lower abdomen, and the root chakra is just below your torso.

So, what’s the big deal about chakras?

Every chakra is vital to our lives and affects our well-being when it isn’t working properly. Healthy chakras are essential for a successful, happy, and healthy life. They help you express yourself in all ways possible.

Basic Chakra Anatomy

Chakras consist of five key energetic parts. All are non-local, which means they’re not physical.

A chakra is only one part of the entire chakra system. The system includes the chakra vortex itself, plus micro vortexes, chakra intelligence centers, the central chakra channel, and chakra back doors. Here, we’ll focus on the main chakra vortexes.

Healthy chakra vortexes reach through your aura to its outer edge, interacting with your emotions, memory, mind, and intuition.

Chakra vortexes are two-way streets. Energy flows out, but energy also flows in. You express yourself when energy flows out. You are nourished and inspired when energy flows in. On the outflow, chakras ask what you really think and how you feel about something.  On the inflow, you receive that information. You can also get a sense of what others think and feel.

Here’s an overview of what the chakras do:

Your crown chakra keeps you in touch with inspiration and good ideas, which you don’t get when the chakra isn’t healthy. It helps channel heaven energies into your body and keeps you connected with your divine or universal essence. When this chakra isn’t working properly, you can feel disconnected from that essence, alone in the universe, or unwelcome among friends or family or in other communities in your life.

The brow chakra provides insight and intuition and supports your ability to act wisely on them. It also encourages you to dream and explore your inner truth.  When the brow chakra is unhealthy, you can feel abandoned, out of touch with yourself, and cut off from your inner guidance.

Your throat chakra enables you to express yourself clearly, so you can be understood. It guides you to stay silent when you need to and speak up when it’s in your best interest. When the throat chakra is unhealthy, you’re likely to say things you later regret or have difficulty speaking up for yourself. It’s easier to lie, use profanity, and judge others. This creates bad karma.

When you love someone, energy gathers at your heart chakra and then moves outward toward that person. If healthy, it moves in an organized way. As with all chakras, the more nourished and healthy it is, the farther its reach. If your heart chakra is a shortened vortex, that love won’t get very far. Your loved one might not feel it, and misunderstandings are likely to brew.

Your stomach chakra gives you the self-esteem to express yourself, supports your self-confidence, and helps you define your self-identity. When the stomach chakra is weakened, you can feel unsure about yourself and your decisions and actions, consistently questioning if you are doing the right thing.

The sacral chakra supports good relationships of all kinds, including love relationships as well as friendships and associations in business. When healthy, it allows you to be open to an intuitive connection with those in your immediate circle of friends and family. When its vortex is damaged, you won’t be able to accurately assess your partner’s needs or determine whether a new relationship is worthwhile, or when an old one has run its natural course.

The root chakra has two main functions. It helps move you forward in your career or on your life path, and it keeps you connected to the Earth in order to bring in Earth nourishment and release unwanted energies into the ground. A healthy root chakra helps provide you with the specific nourishment you need to fulfill your goals. An unhealthy one offers little or no nourishment at all, which can leave you feeling unsupported and unmotivated.

The chakra system regulates, supports, and encourages life experiences. While the chakra system is energetic and does not have a physical function per se, it does indirectly affect every physical function in the body.

Because each chakra serves an important role in our well-being, when one or more chakras aren’t working properly, we suffer the effects of poor chakra health. By focusing on this system with Gemstone Therapy, you can support each chakra individually or all the chakras at once.

Vitalizing Gemstones for The Chakra System

Every system in the body can be vitalized and uplifted by the energies of certain healing gemstones. For the chakra system, those gemstones are Tanzanite, White Beryl, and Blue Sapphire.

Tanzanite supports chakra vitality and alignment, while White Beryl brings in white light to help clear chakras of unwanted energies. Blue Sapphire helps the chakras stay well organized and working in concert with one another.

We combine these gemstones in a formula we call Chakra Guardian , which has a unique affinity for the chakras. Like a guardian, this necklace offers nourishment, encouragement, and protection.

This vitalizing formula provides each chakra with healing energetic support and can restore individual chakras that have been damaged by trauma, illness, or injury.

Wearing Chakra Guardian can help you to make the best possible decisions in all areas of your life, as healthier chakras help you access your true thoughts and feelings.

It can also help free sluggish energies and blockages and correct leaks in your chakras so you can feel more energetic and alive; enable you to better express your authentic self so you can shine more brightly as the light that you are; and fortify, vitalize, and nourish your chakras so you can maximize your potential and realize your goals.

Wear this formula when you want to increase the harmony in all aspects of your life, become more aware of what stands in your way of greater health, and gain a deeper understanding of the true expansiveness of your being.

Chakra Guardian is a helpful necklace to wear if you want to heal one specific chakra, strengthen multiple weakened chakras, or just support the chakra system to ensure that it continues to function properly. By enhancing chakra vitality, your own sense of health and well-being can also improve.




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