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Oct 08 2018

Building Personal Boundaries with Gemstone Therapy

By: Isabelle Morton

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You might not know it, but your body has an entire system specifically designed for self-protection.

It’s called the pericardium system, named for the thin, layered membrane called the pericardium that surrounds the heart. Its layers contain fluid that lubricates the constantly moving surfaces as the heart beats. The pericardium protects the heart, keeps it positioned in the chest cavity, and prevents it from over-expanding when blood volume increases.

The pericardium system relates to the physical pericardium membrane only in function—namely, protection. It works energetically within the layers of the aura to guard and protect us from non-physical intrusions. These can be anything from judgmental thoughts directed at us to psychic attack to harmful electromagnetic radiation. The pericardium can extend its protective abilities throughout the aura to focus on our emotional body, memory, mind, or intuition.

The Pericardium as Protector

The pericardium system serves several specific energetic functions involving protection.

First, the pericardium protects the heart’s wisdom center. Your heart is an important source of information that helps guide you to make good decisions. The better protected it is, the less likely it is to be influenced by other people’s opinions and agendas. As a result, your heart’s urgings will be truer and clearer.

By surrounding this wisdom center like a circle of guards, the pericardium can make sure it is protected from these outside influences. It is also able to help the heart nurture its own unique and special identity.

Second, the pericardium protects by serving as a truth sensor. When you hear, feel, or sense that something isn’t right, that’s the pericardium at work. Like a mirror, it reflects the waves of whatever you are considering while also amplifying it, so you can sense it better. It helps you evaluate the rightness or wrongness of any situation so you can decide how best to respond.

Third, the pericardium provides protection in your aura by working to maintain your personal boundaries. It deflects and rejects incoming energies that do not resonate with the rhythm of your being, which is established by your heart. When we want to feel safe and invulnerable, it’s our pericardium system that steps forward. It repels or redirects certain energies, including limiting, disturbing, or negative images and sounds, as well as the thoughts and emotions of other people. When we are the target of anger or jealousy, for example, the pericardium system guards us and deflects the harmful emotions away.

The Pericardium as Messenger

The heart organ serves as governor in the organ hierarchy, meaning all organs look to the heart to maintain their own vitalizing rhythms. In a healthy body, all the organs’ life-giving rhythms will be in step. These rhythms are palpable and demonstrate how well life-giving energy is moving through the organs.

The better the heart can communicate with the organs, the more confident they can be to express their own rhythms, because they know they’re in harmony with the heart and the rest of the body.

The pericardium is the messenger. It makes sure the heart’s rhythm is well communicated throughout the body so that all other organs and tissues can hear it and follow it to stay healthy.

The Weakened Pericardium

When the pericardium system is not working as it should, you may experience signs that can affect how you feel as well as the quality of your life. You might find yourself influenced by other people too easily or too often; unable to make clear decisions; uncertain about your heart’s guidance; feeling vulnerable in positions of responsibility; unsure how to assess other people’s true intent; or wishing you had stronger, more resilient personal boundaries.

A weakened pericardium system needs energetic support to restore it to optimal functionality. The Earth offers an ideal remedy that can help. It comes in the form of Pink Tourmaline, which has an affinity with the pericardium system because it, too, has protective properties. Pink Tourmaline is often paired with its symbiotic, White Tourmaline.

Pericardium-Vitalizing Gemstones

Pink Tourmaline helps strengthen boundaries, supports feminine energy flows in the body, and is particularly useful in helping the body shield itself against harmful electromagnetic radiation.

White Tourmaline builds matrix. When paired with Pink Tourmaline, it helps you heal, build, and maintain a strong boundary around yourself to contain and gather your own energies and deflect the negative and overwhelming energies of others.

Together, these gemstones make up the vitalizing formula for the pericardium system. Wearing Pink Tourmaline with White Tourmaline can help strengthen the boundaries of your emotions, memory, and mind. It can also help you maintain your own version of the past and your own creative ideas. Then, they are less likely to be compromised or influenced by others, who may want to impose their ideas.

Benefits of Wearing Pink Tourmaline with White Tourmaline

This is an especially useful formula to wear when you want to strengthen your energetic boundaries, protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and strengthen and find harmony with your feminine energies.

Pink Tourmaline offers special benefits for women. It enhances your femininity within a safe and protected space, helps you balance your own feminine and masculine energies, and lets you feel less vulnerable and more emotionally balanced during hormonal cycles. It can also help you to find harmony with the masculine energies in your life.

Men who wear Pink Tourmaline with White Tourmaline also appreciate the protection these gemstones offer. In addition, this formula can help men reconcile their feminine energies with their masculine, because everyone has both.

Next time you’re feeling vulnerable, uncertain, or too easily influenced by other people, try wearing Pink Tourmaline with White Tourmaline. By vitalizing your pericardium system, you’ll strengthen your body’s ability to protect you from energetic threats, so you can feel safer, more confident, and more in tune with your heart’s wisdom and guidance.


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