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Fascia System

Physical Function:

The fascia system includes all connective tissues. Fascia surrounds muscles, nerves, vessels, and organs, and serves to hold them in place or help them glide against each other as needed.

Energetic Function:

Energetically, the fascia holds our energies together, so they don’t fly off in all directions. It coordinates functions and processes involved in aging.

Vitalizing Gemstones:

Green Nephrite Jade – Nephrite Jade consists of tough, fibrous, interlocking crystals. Energetically, Nephrite Jade’s densely interwoven fabric provides a matrix for collagen, which is the building block of fascia.

Prehnite – The energies of this light green gem are relaxing, softening, steadying, and calming. This gem is particularly good for helping physical tissues to accept healing energies.

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