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Flows System

Physical Function:

The acute flows system is not recognized by Western medicine, but everyone experiences it. It plays a role when you need a surge of energy to heal an injury or handle a crisis, feel a rush of adrenaline or burst of emotion, are struggling to remember something important, or need to surround yourself with a wall of protection. This system coordinates the complex cascade of functions and processes required to give you instant energy or information when and where you need it.

Energetic Function:

Coordinates the borrowing and lending of energies among cells, organs, and systems to keep you functioning at your very best. (In contrast, system circles lend energy for chronic needs, and the circulatory system governs ongoing flows.)

Vitalizing Gemstones:

Blue Tourmaline – Shores up channel matrix and structure to be ready when an increase in flow is needed. Allocates what types of energies would belong in each flow. Use three or more different shades to help the body assess its needs and then fill them precisely. These gems are used to triangulate — to determine a single point in space where the energies need to converge.

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