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Heart / Pericardium System

Physical Function:

The heart and pericardium as a system is not recognized by western medicine. The pericardium is a thin, layered sac that surrounds the heart. The layers contain fluid that lubricates the constantly moving surfaces as the heart beats. The pericardium protects the heart, keeps the heart positioned in the chest cavity, and prevents the heart from over-expanding when blood volume increases.

Energetic Function:

Energetically, the pericardium also guards and protects from non-physical intrusions, which may be anything from a judgemental thought to a physic attack. The pericardium can extend its protective abilities throughout the aura, and maintains personal boundaries. The pericardium speaks the language of the heart’s intelligence and broadcasts information about its guidance and perceptions so that the individual is more likely to act on them.

Vitalizing Gemstones:

Pink Tourmaline – This gem is vitalizing for the pericardium system because it also has protective properties.

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