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Nervous System

Physical Function:

The nervous system consists of the brain and nerves which travel down the spine to reach all body parts. Upon stimulation, the nerves transmit impulses to the brain for processing. The brain is involved with a variety of activities including voluntary movement, language, reasoning, perception, balance, plus the regulation of body temperature, emotions, hunger, thirst, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, learning, memory, hearing, eye movement, general body movement, and more.

Energetic Function:

Evaluates experiences and responds to them appropriately.

Vitalizing Gemstones:

Amethyst – This is the primary vitalizing gem for this system. Amethyst energy heightens nerve responsiveness while also calming when necessary. For its symbiotic gem, choose one of the following, depending on what secondary influence the system requires:

Lavender Jade – to relax the nerves.

Lavender Quartz – to align the nervous system with its subtle-body counterparts.

Purple Flourite – to “moisten” the nerves and promote information transfer along them

White Beryl – to support Amethyst and purification of the nervous system.

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