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Sensory System

Physical Function:

The sensory system is a specialized portion of the nervous system designed to provide input from the sense organs. These include the eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin, which provides the somatic sensations associated with touch. The senses translate information from the physical world to the mind, where we interpret it and create our perception of the world.

Energetic Function:

Identifies and evaluates the contents of our environment, including our emotional, causal, and mental landscape.

Vitalizing Gemstones:

Blue Topaz – This gem’s energy has the ability to erode the boundaries that keep us contained in a viewpoint or attitude. It allows the senses to more accurately tell you what actually exists, rather than what your mind wants you to believe.

Australian Opal – Opal energy frees limiting mindsets so that creative thoughts can flow with ease and fluidity.

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