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Urinary System

Physical Function:

The urinary system filters the blood and removes water-soluble wastes from the body. The kidneys regulate water levels in the body, blood pressure and pH, and the production of red blood cells and vitamin D. They also produce certain hormones.

Energetic Function:

Energetically, the urinary system has two purposes: to keep toxins moving on a journey out of the body so that they don’t collect inside of it; and to relieve energy stagnation by encouraging energy movement. In this way, the urinary system maintains a balance of energies in the body.

Vitalizing Gemstones:

Blue-Green Flourite – This gem’s energy promotes tissue flexibility, overcomes stagnancy, and allows energies to flow as they should. This makes it especially nourishing and vitalizing to the urinary system.

Carnelian – Vitalizes the sacral chakra, and when included with Blue-Green Flourite, it helps move that gem’s energies downward. This supports the healthy direction of energy movement in the urinary system.

Citrine – Provides a natural unwinding action, which supports the decongestion of stagnant energy typical with urinary system dysfunction.

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