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Aug 05 2019

Clear Your Home and Your Aura with Healing Gemstone Energies

By: Isabelle Morton

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Several years ago, we were on our way to drop off my daughter at the University of Vermont in Burlington when we stopped at the food coop in Brattleboro. It’s one of my favorite places to shop when we’re in the area.

While standing at the checkout counter, I happened to notice a woman walk from one side of the store into the eating area.  She caught my attention because her aura weighed her down more than her body did.

Her aura was filled with negative thoughts.

I quickly looked away. It is never my intention to view other people’s auras.

What I saw by chance was amazingly educational, and for that I’m grateful to this woman. It confirmed one reason we offer our Energy Clearing Spray and why people feel so much lighter and brighter after applying it.

Why the Aura Collects Information
The energy field that surrounds us serves several purposes. One is to collect information about our environment and the people in it so that we can make informed decisions about when to leave an area, who to interact with or avoid, how well we should protect ourselves, and so forth.

A healthy aura also passes this information through. It picks it up, remembers it when necessary, and then lets it go to make room for more as we move to a new locale.

The aura can pick up information about our own emotions, memories, and thoughts—especially those we rehash—others’ thoughts about us, and particularly negative thought forms that may be lingering in the area. One reason they stick to us is that our emotions react to them in some way, or once we agree with these thoughts, they can latch on.

The accumulation remains until the emotions have finished processing it or they no longer validate our patterns of poor self-worth.

As the aura fills with this excess, unwanted energy, it slows us down. Mental and emotional processing time can take longer. It becomes harder to make decisions and think clearly. Our emotions can get muddled by these energies, which can stimulate us into overreaction.

It’s no fun to have a weighty aura, nor is it necessary since the remedy is a simple gemstone aura spray.

In a single glance, the woman in the coop revealed an aura that was suffering from the negative opinions about her that others had thrown her way. Among them were negative thoughts and feelings she had about herself. Someone with an aura like this will be unable to think more positively about herself until this negative chatter no longer reinforces her present state.

It can be difficult to distinguish the negative thoughts of others from our own. Furthermore, negativity has a way of getting worse. Unless we can recognize it and do something to reverse it, the negative thoughts can continue to taunt us.

A clear aura is a free one.

While our Extra Strength Energy Clearing might seem like a good start for someone in this woman’s position, I still recommend the regular Energy Clearing Spray for people. It’s a gentler approach. In the process of clearing our own negative self-talk, we can be faced with the underlying reasons we hurt ourselves in this way and this can add to the challenge of becoming free of them.

In both Gemstone Therapy and Diamond Therapy I always suggest people take it slow. They’re powerful tools. It’s hard to have a set back when you’re taking baby steps.

Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray is obviously the stronger of the two energy clearing options. It’s made with bigger gemstones, it’s run longer in our gemstone energy imprinting device, and it has a larger 7-color-ray Diamond in the center. It’s also a sparkler Diamond, which has a clearing property of its own.

Why Clearing Your Home Is Important
Thoughts do collect in spaces, especially in corners, and sometimes in the walls themselves. Have you ever walked into an old building and immediately felt a certain “vibe” inside? You were probably picking up old thought forms.

These also collect in our own homes and cars. The problem with them is that they continue to reinforce our old ways of thinking and being. If you carry negative thoughts around with you, likely some of them have accumulated in your home. They’re reinforcing all your bad mental habits.

Your kitchen, for example, may be collecting the thoughts of your struggle over what not to eat, as well as the temporary euphoria you may get when you submit to cravings. Clearing that energy may help you make more conscious food choices.

Is there a room in your home where you and your partner typically argue? Where you tend to air your frustrations? Where you feel particularly stressed?

Is there a room where something traumatic happened in the past or where unpleasant memories were born?

Could your bedroom contain residual thoughts of frequent nightmares or anything other than peaceful, restful energy?

If so, these are reasons to try Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray in that room.

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How to Clear Rooms
Use the Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray for homes, cars, closets, and offices. For clearing rooms, stand in the center and spray up toward the ceiling and then down toward the floor. Spray each corner at the ceiling and floor. Thoughts can also collect under furniture and tables and chairs, so squirt some there too.

Afterward, you should notice the room feels lighter and brighter. You may feel that way, too, as suddenly your thoughts have a sense of spaciousness and freedom.

When a Little Goes a Long Way
This spray can also be used for clearing gemstones after therapeutic use.

To clear your aura of negative thoughts, we recommend using the regular Energy Clearing Spray. Hold the bottle overhead with the sprayer pointing up. Spray directly overhead, and then in a circle around you. As the mist falls, you’ll be showered by healing, clearing gemstone energies. Repeat. Do this a few times a day. Most people notice a difference immediately after each application. The result can be a sense of greater clarity, lightness, and freedom, or it may be a subtle sense that something has shifted and lifted.

When to Use
Energy Clearing Spray was our very first gemstone aura spray. It’s one of the most useful sprays we offer since it can clear most unwanted energies lingering in the aura. You can use it in the morning to help you feel clearer as you start your day. It’s highly recommended to apply when you come home from work so that you can flush away the day and the energies of coworkers and of the work environment itself, the traffic you encounter on your commute, and the impatient drivers sharing the road.

Clearer, you can be more yourself at home, so you can enjoy your family life and alone time with a more peaceful mind.

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