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May 23 2017

GEMFormulas’ Diamond Aura Sprays: Compared

By: Isabelle Morton

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Our 7-color-ray Diamond Spray and Sparkler Spray are similar in some ways, and very different in others. To compare them, let’s first look at the Diamonds we use to make these two sprays.

What is a 7-color-ray Therapy Diamond?

Diamonds are physically measured in four ways: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Therapy Diamonds have an additional quality, but it’s an energetic one. These diamonds are also identified by the color spectrum they carry. This energetic parameter is observable using clairvoyant techniques.

7-color-ray Diamonds have a unique benefit among gemstones. They have an affinity with the very blueprints that guide health and healing. When applied therapeutically, they help the body receive this blueprint information. Two unique ways Therapy Diamonds do this is via processes called “liquidity” and “scintillation.” They also feed the body with spectrums of essential color rays.

What is a Sparkler Therapy Diamond?

After looking at thousands of diamonds, of which only a few dozen were Therapy Diamonds, I identified another energetic quality of diamonds that I call “Sparkler.” A diamond with this Sparkler quality projects whatever frequencies it carries into the aura of the person holding it.

This sparkler quality is rare, and thus a diamond with both color ray and Sparkler qualities is very rare. Since 2014, I’ve found only two 7-color-ray Sparkler Therapy Diamonds.

While Therapy Diamonds gently and evenly nourish with color rays, Sparkler Therapy Diamonds project those healing color rays deeply into a person’s body and aura. This colorful display reminds me of firework sparklers that we enjoy on certain holidays.

Because of a Sparkler Therapy Diamond’s rarity, we made Diamond Sparkler aura spray using our 1.33-carat 7-color-ray Sparkler Diamond. This way, anyone who wanted to could experience the healing benefits of a Sparkler Diamond.

Benefits of Both Sprays:

Color Ray Nourishment

When you hold an actual Sparkler Therapy Diamond, its color rays are activated by your body’s life energy. In response, the Sparkler Diamond projects these color rays into your body and aura. This enlivens you with color-ray vitality.

Sparkler Spray does this also (but only for as long as the mist is active). When you apply Sparkler Spray, your aura fills with tiny sparks of color. These colors reach areas of the body and aura that may resist nourishment. This is important for stubborn, hard-to-heal issues.

The Sparkler Spray’s color rays also find the tiny, hidden places that the body’s self-healing processes often overlook. While these usually aren’t critical to health, resolving deficiencies in these areas often leads to improved quality of life.

In contrast, a “regular” 7-color-ray Diamond gently and evenly nourishes with color when it is applied a certain way. Its spray nourishes with color, but minimally compared to the sparkler. Ironically, this can be preferred when someone is extremely weakened and depleted. All they can handle is just a little vitalization, then as they grow stronger, they can handle more.

The gentle, steady nourishment of 7-color-ray Diamond Spray is recommended for daily color-ray nourishment and support. For those situations where a greater nourishing impact is needed, 7-color-ray Sparkler Diamond Aura Spray is preferred.


Both Diamond Sprays clear unwanted energies that block blueprint information, neutralizing and dissipating these energies as the spray is applied. 7-color-ray Diamond Spray does this gently and carefully. Sparkler Diamonds clear with gusto.

Sparkler Diamonds are inherently clearing because of the way they project their colors. The movement of these colors into the aura stirs up unwanted energies of all kinds. They break up the hold of stuck energies and push them out of the body and aura. This quality is imparted in the Sparkler Spray.

Sparkler Spray can be used instead of 7-color-ray Diamond Spray when you want to emphasize the clearing effect. 7-color-ray Diamond Spray is preferred when you need clearing that is gentler and more soothing, or when you need to proceed steadily and carefully, one step at a time. Sparkler Spray can be used in addition to Energy Clearing Aura Spray for a more intensive clearing.


Sparkler Diamonds make you feel like doing something. They are energizing, vitalizing, and motivating. This quality is partly due to the Sparkler Diamond’s personality, and partly to its clearing and nourishing effects.

A Sparkler Therapy Diamond’s super-charged blueprint clearing ability can move blockages more easily and readily. There’s less to stand in your way. With deep nourishment, you have the resources to do what you–and your blueprints–want to do.

Sparkler Diamond energies also gradually eliminate lack of motivation due to hesitation or the fear of taking a wrong step. With your blueprint’s guidance shining through, you can clearly make decisions and act.

If motivation is not an issue, or if you are experiencing too much activity, the steady supportive effects of 7-color-ray Diamond Spray may be preferable. This includes over-activity and over-stimulation in your body too. Cells that are overworking and need to calm down will benefit more from direct applications of the 7-color-ray Diamond Spray.

If you are seeking breakthrough and action, then the Sparkler Diamond Spray would be the better choice.

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