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Jul 09 2018

Gemstone Therapy for the Eliminatory System

By: Isabelle Morton

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The eliminatory system is one of the twenty systems in the body that work to keep us healthy and able to live life to its fullest. Each system serves a unique physical and energetic purpose. When a system is weakened, it becomes less able to effectively and efficiently perform these functions, resulting in physical symptoms, negative emotions, decreased energy, and so on. These negative effects can manifest themselves in any aspect of our lives.

To support its essential functions, each system has specific gemstones that are particularly vitalizing for that system’s energies. For the eliminatory system, these gemstones are Rhyolite and Gray Moonstone. You can view our menu of the twenty different systems and their vitalizing gemstones here.

Physically, the eliminatory system regulates the removal of waste from the body. It does this through the digestive system, the skin, the lungs, and also within each cell. Energetically, the eliminatory system’s job is to move toxins and unwanted energies out of the body and into the aura. From there, they are neutralized and dispersed into the surrounding atmosphere. The aura is designed to make this transfer, but sluggish and congested energy flows can slow it down, causing toxins to accumulate and our vibrations to lower. By vitalizing the eliminatory system and improving its ability to function, we can clear away accumulated unwanted energies. As a result, our vibrations rise, and we begin to feel better, lighter, and more vibrant.

The eliminatory system also moves toxins and unwanted energies out of the distinct layers of the aura, which manifest as your emotional body, memory body, mental body, and intuitive body.

For example, a healthy eliminatory system in the emotional body will help you let go of negative or unhealthy emotions before they get stored and become toxic. If they’ve already been buried and suppressed, they may emerge. As they do, a situation similar to the one that once produced them may recur. This time, you’ll have an opportunity to respond differently. Your action will help neutralize the stored emotions, and the emotional energies released will be less harmful. In addition, changing the way you respond to the situation will also help you resolve the associated karma.

Next, the eliminatory system has a little-known but important job that involves the memory body. The system routinely moves resolved karma from your outer life into storage. Once karma is resolved, it is essentially eliminated from your life, but it will still be stored in memory. That way, you’re less likely to make the same mistake again.

In your mental body, the eliminatory system helps you let go of negative thoughts that won’t leave you alone or get rid of that annoying jingle that keeps running through your head. If a thought lowers your vibrations and your eliminatory system is working as it should, that thought won’t last long. Your mind will naturally drift and turn its attention elsewhere, and that negative thought will soon be replaced by a more positive one.

When the eliminatory system suffers, the effects can be felt throughout your life. Physically, you can become constipated and irregular, and you may develop a body odor. Your emotions can be easily suppressed and become more difficult to express as a result. Memories might be harder to bring forward, and your mind can be overrun by negative thoughts, which can manifest as poor choices.

One way to support the eliminatory system is to wear the healing gemstones that vitalize it. A formula of Rhyolite and Gray Moonstone is particularly effective. Rhyolite is made by volcanic activity—the Earth’s own eliminatory system. Rhyolite’s energy encourages detoxification. It helps the body identify and sort out unwanted energies, and then acts like a magnet to pull them away from the body. Once the unwanted energies are in the aura, they’re more easily dispersed. Gray Moonstone supports the body’s ability to collect and bring together the unwanted energies that need to be released. Then, moving them out into the aura is a more efficient process.

There are numerous benefits of wearing a Rhyolite & Gray Moonstone necklace. It can vitalize eliminatory functions, encourage detoxification, and support the sorting and release of unwanted energies. It helps you let go of accumulated clutter, toxic or unwanted situations, relationships, emotions, thoughts, and memories. Rhyolite and Gray Moonstone are also especially helpful to wear when eliminatory function has become sluggish and the body is collecting more than it is releasing.

Whether you suffer from a physical illness, have an energetic issue, or simply want to improve your eliminatory system’s function, wearing Rhyolite and Gray Moonstone can provide you with the healing support you need to feel and live better.

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