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Aug 15 2018

Gemstone Therapy for the Fascia System: Green Nephrite Jade & Prehnite

By: Isabelle Morton

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There are many things we can do to improve our health and wellness and keep signs of aging at bay. Whether our goal is to recover from an injury or illness or simply to feel more youthful, we must play an active role in our own healing journey. This means using the tools at our disposal that will safely and effectively support our health goals.

Gemstone Therapy is always an excellent approach, as gemstones offer healing benefits and uplift our energies. It is perhaps even more powerful when we wish to strengthen one specific system of the body, because we can work with that system’s vitalizing gemstones to provide targeted energetic support.

This week, we’re focusing on the gemstones associated with the fascia system: Green Nephrite Jade & Prehnite. We’ll cover the unique benefits of this gemstone formula and examine how it works to vitalize this system. But first, what exactly is the fascia system and how does it work energetically?

The fascia system includes all connective tissues in the body and helps them stay in place or move against one another as needed. It also helps the body stay balanced and hydrated. When our fascia is working properly, both blood circulation and energy flows move as they should.

Fascia exists throughout our body and interacts with every other system in our physical and subtle bodies. Even the chakras have the energetic equivalent of fascia to help maintain their shape. In the physical body, a layer of fascia lies beneath our skin. When it weakens and loses its suppleness, it leads to wrinkled skin. Fascia also surrounds every muscle. When it tightens inappropriately, it can cause chronic stiffness and pain. Fascia even interpenetrates tissues such as the eyes. When the fascia there fails, it can lead to poor eyesight.

Energetically, the fascia system offers three key benefits. It keeps our energies contained, provides a structure that maintains energy movement, and helps us resist the natural centrifugal forces that contribute to aging.

When our energies are contained, they are less likely to leak and we are more resilient to outside disharmony. When fascia energies form a healthy structure, it makes us a better vessel for the life-giving energies that sustain us and the healing energies we need when we’re ill. We’re more able to recall memories, maintain focus, and identify clear emotions so we can express, process, and release them in a healthy way.

Energetically, fascia also helps protect us from centrifugal forces, which the body tends to succumb to as we age and when we are sick, as illness makes us more susceptible to them. Other factors such as stress, trauma, and excessive electromagnetic radiation can also make us more vulnerable to centrifugal forces.

Ideally, the energy around us should be balanced, with equal centripetal and centrifugal forces. When the centrifugal force becomes dominant, it pulls energies away from the body. Without an equally strong centripetal force to bring energies in, problems arise. Tissues weaken, organ function declines, metabolism slows, cells become undernourished, and systems are unable to communicate or cooperate as well as they once did. We may begin to feel less energetic and recover more slowly from stress, injury, or trauma. In short, the body shows signs of premature aging.

Green Nephrite Jade & Prehnite each serve a role in vitalizing the fascia system. Green Nephrite Jade, which consists of tough, fibrous interlocking crystals, provides a matrix for collagen, the building block of fascia. It works with kidney energies, which are associated with longevity, good constitution, and fearlessness. It also encourages the centripetal force, which helps curb the opposing centrifugal force. This helps our energies stay together so natural energy flows can continue moving, keeping us feeling young and vital.

With its relaxing, steadying, and calming qualities, Prehnite helps physical tissues to receive and accept healing energies. It also helps soften tissues’ energy patterns, making them more permeable to Green Nephrite Jade’s influence.

Together, Green Nephrite Jade & Prehnite make up a formula of many potential benefits. Its energies can help improve your skin tone, muscle tone, and energetic structure; strengthen kidney vitality; and support your body’s ability to recover from an injury or surgery. It can help you feel more resilient, stronger, and more capable of accomplishing tasks. It can also improve your abilities to retain and recall memories, maintain focus, collect your thoughts, and express yourself more clearly.

Wear Green Nephrite Jade & Prehnite when you want to feel more youthful, vital, centered, and self-confident; when you want to overcome and release feelings or memories of fear; and when you want to become more efficient with your time and energy. Wear it to balance the energies around you and to strengthen and tighten your own energy matrix.

Of course, we cannot stop time and prevent ourselves from getting older, but a healthy fascia system can help minimize certain signs of aging and ease and perhaps even delay the aging process. By wearing a vitalizing formula of Green Nephrite Jade & Prehnite, you can feel more youthful, more resilient, and more alive.