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Aura Clearing

Clearing yourself daily with the GEMFormulas clearing sprays is one of the most important things you can do for your health.


We all know that improving hygiene improves health. We wash our hands to prevent the spread of disease. We bathe to remove the toxins that our sweat eliminates from our body.

It is equally important to clear the aura daily too. While the aura doesn’t collect “germs” and toxins like the skin does, the aura does accumulate unwanted energies such as negative thoughts, memories, and feelings, and more.

If not regularly removed from the aura, negative energies can significantly affect quality of life. Unwanted energies in the aura can a variety of uncomfortable and limiting feelings.

Some signs that your aura needs clearing:



Decades ago, when people began to regularly bathe, overall health improved throughout our society. When regular aura clearing becomes widely accepted, the people’s health will again take a giant leap forward.

Our clearing sprays are ideal for clearing unwanted energies from your aura including the negative thoughts and emotions of others. They are safe and effective, and can be used on people of all ages as well as pets. Not only do they clear, they also uplift and nourish with healing gemstone energies.

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