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Shelley Pearl MacNeill
Associate Gemstone Therapy Practitioner

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Email: gemtherapysolutions@gmail.com

  • Accepts in-person clients, adults, children and four-legged pets for Gemstone Therapy.
  • Available for Gemstone Therapy sessions, creating custom gemandalas, and aura clearing.
  • Can help you select the best therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your individual needs.

“A local mentor helped me on my healing journey and shared the love of the gem and mineral world.  Through the years my interest had only deepened with my own healing journey.  When I discovered GEMFormulas, I felt as though I had discovered a new level of awaking to a therapy that was very familiar to me and comforting. Isabelle Morton has my eternal gratitude for being a way shower to a healing modality that is in alignment with the ever changing needs of people.  I am actively working to become a Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner.”

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