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Central United States

Susan Heithaus
Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner

Springfield, Missouri
Email: sjheithaus@hotmail.com

  • Accepts new in-person clients.
  • Available for presenting talks, workshops, and/or PowerPoint presentations on Gemstone Therapy to your group.
  • Available to evaluate your main color ray in person.
  • Available to help you select the best therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your individual needs.

“My interest in gemstones began over 20 years ago when Isabelle released her first book. The intriguing descriptions of the gemstones’ missions captivated me. In the years to follow, as public awareness of ‘energy medicine’ increased, I developed my personal ‘energetic skills’ and introduced the value of therapeutic gemstones to my circle of friends and family. Linda Lile was instrumental in this development process until the founding of GEMFormulas and the Gemstone Therapy Institute, which offered a pathway to Gemstone Therapy Practitioner certification. Gemstone Therapy Practitioner certification was a natural, next step to my desire to support family and friends in their own ‘self-exploration’ of their ‘energetic anatomy’. Identifying and correcting the causes of energetic imbalances, correcting blockages, balancing the five elements, supporting the chakras and vitalizing the bodies with color ray spectrums has proven helpful to the people in my life.  Another aide to the improvement of my skills has been the guidance of Dr. Bobby Doscher of the Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center, where I have enjoyed offering gemstone and diamond support to the Center’s patients.”

Debra Lucero Kraft, MA
Gemstone Therapy
Diamond Therapy
Gemstone Therapy Institute Faculty

Denver, Colorado
Email: gem.energy@yahoo.com
Phone: 303-968-9304

  • Accepts in-person clients – adults and children.
  • Accepts remote clients – adults, children, and pets.
  • Available for mentoring students of Gemstone and Diamond Therapy.
  • Available for teaching workshops in person and online.
  • Available to evaluate your main color ray in person, by phone, or online.
  • Can help you select the best therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your individual needs.

“I am always amazed at the responses I receive when I work with children. They are truly open and curious and full of wonder. I love the way they are tuned into the gems and diamonds as a pure experience without any beliefs about them. Here is one example:

After holding a particular GemFormulas necklace, this 6 year recounted her inner experience, “I was a kid and then something happened to me and then I was an angel and I went up into the clouds and I was playing with my flute.”

The child is not an empty vessel that we have to fill. Instead, our job is to help the child to fulfill his potential by understanding what his true needs are and then helping him to meet those needs. This takes a keen observant eye, and a curiosity about what that potentiality is. It also takes knowledge about child development, and of the multiple facets involved with health and behavior.

In order to help the child reach his full potential, not only does he need love, food and shelter, he also needs meaningful work done with the hands, as the hands are the key to the mind. In other words, mastery of the environment by means of meaningful physical activity that is connected to the mind, helps the young child absorb the world around him in a healthy and productive manner.

When a child is independent and actively engaged with the environment, she is free to become what she was meant to be.

When there is a lack of optimal health and happiness, it is likely the child has become separated from her Blueprints, her inner light or inner truth.

Gemstone and Diamond Therapy can strengthen this connection and get things back on track. As it happens, children are quite responsive to the effects of the Gemstone and Diamond Therapy protocols where changes can happen easily. I encourage you to make this a regular part of your child’s education and preparation for Life.

My background includes extensive training in child development, 38+ years experience teaching and working with children and families, and advanced training in the application of Gemstone and Diamond Therapy.

What I’ve learned is that optimal health and wellbeing has a lot to do with chakra health. That’s why I specialize in helping my clients restore health to their 7 body chakras. I feel this is important because chakra health helps us respond to our experiences in the best possible way.

Chakras can also show us evidence of increasing resiliency and vitality as we become better able to meet our true needs.”

Joan Lunney
Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner

Erie, Colorado
Email: joanfish7@gmail.com

  • Accepts in-person clients for both Diamond and Gemstone Therapy.
  • Accepts remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy clients.
  • Available for mentoring Level 1 and Level 2 students.
  • Available for mentoring Gemstone Therapy interns, who are preparing for their final oral exam.
  • Available to evaluate your main color ray in person or by phone and can help you select the best therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your individual needs.
  • Facilitates group workshops and retreats to expand and enhance one’s ability to work with and experience Gemstone Therapy. I will provide the tools and resources to help Level 2 students with the completion of required sessions.

“My love of the Diamonds and Gemstones has made the choice to become a Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner an easy one for me. I am fortunate to live in Colorado where we have a great community to learn and practice Diamond and Gemstone Therapy. It is my passion so share the experiences and healing effects of the Gemstones and Diamonds with others.

Mary Kirby
Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner

Stillwater, Oklahoma
Email: mkirbyappr@att.net

  • Accepts in-person clients, adults, children, and pets for Gemstone Therapy.
  • Available for Gemstone Therapy sessions, creating custom gem mandalas, and aura clearing.
  • Can help you select the best therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your individual needs.

“Through the years, my interest began with crystals and gradually grew with the introduction of more complex information in regard to the gem and mineral world. When I discovered GEMFormulas, I felt as though I had discovered a new level of information in regard to the gems and their energy. Isabelle Morton has developed the most comprehensive, detailed education program to enable new practitioners of this amazing modality to assist others in their journey.”

Jennifer Marcenelle, MBA, BSN, RN, HBC-HN
Board Certified Holistic Nurse
Associate Gemstone Therapy Practitioner

Houston, Texas
Phone: 800-357-9075

  • Accepts in-person clients: adults, children, and pets for Gemstone and Diamond Therapy.
  • Specializes in the physical, mental and emotional causes of burnout.
  • Provides urgent care.
  • Provides concierge care for individuals, families and pets (flies to you and remains for a pre-determined number of days).
  • Facilitates your understanding of the underlying causes of your illness, injuries, or symptoms.
  • Teaches self-care and helps you choose your personal and family’s gemstone pharmacy.
  • Serves local, national and international clients.

Professional Bio:
When it comes to burn out, Jennifer has a simple philosophy: take your life back by putting your Highest Self in charge and learning how to heal your injuries from the inside out.

At the age of forty-four she experienced a health crisis resulting after years of anger and frustration from trying to please and meet the unrealistic expectations of others. This experience led her on a journey of self-responsibility and healing, one that changed her life forever. She has devoted her career to helping people get their lives back.

One client described her as “a clear facilitator for health and healing,” while another declared her to be “truly gifted in energy medicine.” Jennifer is a board certified holistic nurse with advanced training in various modalities.  Her practice is completely unique.  She provides highly-skilled therapy sessions which combines the all-natural and cutting-edge technologies of gemstone and diamond therapy, with the cognitive restructuring technique of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Her practice is truly holistic – addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual causes of burnout.

Her therapy sessions are holistic in nature. When she’s not with a client, you can find her speaking to corporations, small groups, churches and every day business professionals across the nation helping them discover their own solution to burn out and demonstrating how holistic nursing therapy can help them make incremental and profound changes to transform their lives.

Kathryn Thomasson
Associate Gemstone Therapy Practitioner

Grand Forks, North Dakota and the surrounding region (North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota)
Email: kathryn.thomasson@und.edu

  • Accepts in-person clients, adults, children, and pets for Gemstone Therapy.
  • Available for Gemstone Therapy sessions, creating custom gem mandalas, and aura clearing.
  • Can recommend therapeutic gemstone necklaces for your individual needs.
  • Available to speak about Gemstone Therapy, what it is, and what it can do for you.

“I have been drawn to rocks and minerals all my life, but have only discovered therapeutic gemstones recently through my acupuncturist. The therapeutic gems have made an enormous difference in my life, leading me to heal and move forward in surprising ways, including a complete shift of my academic research. I am a Professor of Chemistry, and love both the chemical/scientific side of gemstones, and their energetic aspects as tools for therapy. I am continuing study to become a Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner and am simultaneously beginning initial research studies into Gemstone Energy Medicine.”

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